Annenberg at NCA 2021

USC Annenberg doctoral students and faculty will present at the National Communication Association (NCA) conference, being held in Seattle from November 18 - 21, 2021. The annual conference brings communication scholars from across the country together to share their work. 


Thursday, November 18

8:00 am Lecturer Julianna Kirschner Biopolitics and Necropolitics in Digital and Material Spaces (panel chair)

9:30 am Lauren Sowa (PhD 2022) Un/Bridgerton-ing Racial Divides: A Critical Look at Bridgerton's Colorblind Casting

11:00 am Junyi Lv (ABD) A Wailing Wall and A Tree Hollow: Vernacular Memorializing as Transformation in Public and Private Spheres

12:30 pm Nicole Bush (Second Year) and Jessica Hatrick (ABD) Sustainable Transformation: Mental Illness in Academic Contexts (panel)

2:00 pm Yiqi Li (PhD 2021), Associate Professor Aimei Yang, Wenlin Liu (PhD 2016), Jingyi Sun (PhD 2021), Chuqing Dong (Michigan State University), Lichen Zhen (Third Year) The evolution of multiplex interorganizational networks during the worst public health crisis in a century: The connection between representational and substantial relationships

2:00 pm Junyi Lv (ABD) Transforming a Sacrifice Zone into Resilience Networks: Hometown Ethnography in a Chinese Coal Town

3:30 pm Joo-Wha Hong (ABD), Ho-Chun Herbert Chang (Third Year), David Tewksbury (University of Illinois) Can AI become Walter Cronkite? Testing the machine heuristic, the hostile media effect, and political news written by artificial intelligence

3:30 pm Steffie Kim (ABD), Ke Maddie Huang-Isherwood (Second Year), Weiwei Zheng (MA 2021), Associate Professor Dmitri Williams Be a Prosocial Butterfly Than a Lone Wolf: Investigating the Effects of Group Play on Prosocial Behavior, Social Status, and Social Capital in a Prosocial Massively Multiplayer Online Game

3:30 pm Lecturer Julianna Kirschner The Dark Side of Interpersonal Communication Technology (panel chair)

3:30 pm Mingxuan Liu (ABD), Jack Lipei Tang (Third Year), Associate Professor Dmitri Williams Walking on Broken Glass: An Integrated Behavioral Model Examining the Gaming Experience and Engagement of Perpetrators, Victims, and Aggressive Victims

3:30 pm Junyi Lv (ABD) Co-imagining the Transformation of a Coal City: A Community-based Research on Participatory Design of a Coal Museum


Friday, November 19

8:00 am Sukyoung Choi (ABD), Mingxuan Liu (ABD), Jingyi Sun (PhD 2021), Ke Maddie Huang-Isherwood (Second Year) Who Benefits from Directed Communication? Communication Directionality, Network Structures, and Perceived Social Capital in an MMOG

8:00 am Natalie Jonckheere (ABD) Creativity and Innovation in Media Research and Data Work in Times of Change

8:00 am Eugene Lee (Second Year) The Organizational Control and Organizational Identification of App-Based Gig Workers During the Covid-19 Pandemic

9:30 am Clinical Professor Daniel Durbin A Brave New Fourth World: Jack Kirby's Mythology and Comic Books in the Tragic Frame

9:30 am Professor Tom Goodnight Celebrating Kathryn Olson: Renewing Our Commitment to Argumentation and Rhetorical Leadership

9:30 am Joo-Wha Hong (ABD) Validation of the new scale for measuring perceptions of machines as society members: Machines As Social Entities Scales (MASES)

9:30 am Lecturer Julianna Kirschner Wonder Woman's Identity Crisis: A Critical Analysis of 1970s Visual Rhetoric and the Male Gaze

9:30 am Amber Lynn Scott (ABD) and Ashley Phelps (ABD) Understanding COVID-19 Vaccine Hesitancy in U.S. Military Families

11:00 am Sierra Bray (ABD) and Cynthia Barboza-Wilkes (Price) When the webcam turns off: Women's fluctuating emotional resources within and outside online work meetings

12:30 pm Eugene Jang (Second Year) Seeking Social Support in the Pandemic: An Analysis of the Network Structure of Twitter-based Long COVID Support Community

12:30 pm Amber Lynn Scott (ABD) Juxta-(re)position: Challenging U.S. Military and Women Subject Positions Through Instagram Posts

12:30 pm Lauren Sowa (PhD 2022) Appropriation or Representation: Who Tells Whose Story in High School Speech? (panel chair)

2:00 pm Paulina Lanz (ABD) Pathways of transformation: Cultural constellations and the disrupted dynamics of flows

2:00 pm Lauren Sowa (PhD 2022) These Are Their Stories: A Conjunctural Analysis of Law & Order: SVU's Cultural Perspectives

3:30 Eugene Jang (Second Year), Katrin Fischer (Second Year), Jeeyun Sophia Baik (PhD 2021) Between Public Health and Privacy: A Critical Examination of Statewide Contact Tracing Apps as Boundary Objects of Pandemic Governance


Saturday, November 20

8:00 am Amber Lynn Scott (ABD), Ho-Chun Herbert Chang (Third Year), Ashley Phelps (ABD), Professor Sheila Murphy, Emily Chen (Viterbi) When Politics and a Pandemic Collide: Comparing the Use and Abuse of the Most Popular Government and Academic COVID-19 Data Platforms on Twitter

9:30 am Andrea Alarcon (ABD) A Hostess-City's Work: Appealing to and Supporting Transnational Remote Work

9:30 am Sierra Bray (ABD) "Death by 1,000 Paper Cuts": Analyzing How Women Navigate White, Hypermasculine Work Cultures in Tech

9:30 am Tyler Quick (ABD) The Representational Imperative: Some Observations on Instagays during the Coronavirus Pandemic

9:30 am Yunwen Kathy Wang (ABD), Tianyi Xu (MS 2021), Angela Wu (MS 2021), Mingxuan Liu (ABD), Emily Chen (Viterbi) "Our Saving Grace": The Social Simulation Game Animal Crossing's Restorative Power During the COVID-19 Pandemic

11:00 am Joo-Wha Hong (ABD), Katrin Fischer (Second Year), Yul Ha (Price), Yilei Zeng (Viterbi) Creative machine heuristics and machines as musicians: An experiment testing the influence of machines' autonomous creativity on evaluating AI-composed music

11:00 am Jack Lipei Tang (Third Year) #BJYXSZD: Understanding Fan Identities, Norms, and Negotiations in an RPS Fandom Community in China

12:30 pm Lichen Zhen (Third Year) and Eugene Lee (Second Year) How do donors know a team is worth it? Building effective relief fund campaigns during the COVID-19 pandemic

2:00 pm Weiwei Zheng (MA 2021) and Associate Professor Emilio Ferrara Team Diversity Accelerates Teamwork and Leads to High Quality on Stack Exchange


Sunday, November 21

9:30 am Frances Corry (ABD) Never Forget? Memory Maintenance on an Aging Platform

9:30 am Eduardo Gonzalez (Third Year) and Arthur D. Soto-Vasquez (Texas A&M) “Not a Monolith!” Media Narratives of the Latina/o/x Vote After the 2020 U.S. Election

9:30 am Olivia González (ABD) Planting stories that won’t “die on the vine”: Reimagining storytelling politics and pedagogies in screenwriting education

9:30 am Hye Min Kim (ABD), Adam J. Saffer (University of Minnesota), Wenlin Liu (PhD 2016), Jingyi Sun (PhD 2021), Yiqi Li (PhD 2021), Lichen Zhen (Third Year), Associate Professor Aimei Yang Leveraging social media engagement to break through the pandemic: Analysis of public health communication during COVID-19