Annenberg at NCA

USC Annenberg doctoral students will be in Dallas, Texas this weekend for the annual National Communication Association conference. Over 20 current students (as well as faculty and alums) will present their work at the annual gathering of communication scholars:


Thursday, November 16

Marcia Allison (ABD), Three-Parent Babies, Nuclear (DNA) War and Multiple Personae: Identification as Argument in the Mitochondrial Donation Debate

Professor Andrea Hollingshead, Bei Yan (ABD), Kristen Steves (Fifth Year), Ignacio Cruz (Third Year), & Sonia Jawaid Shaikh (ABD), Assessing Group Communication in Transactive Memory Systems: Results from a Comprehensive Review of Empirical Research

Raffi Sarkissian (ABD), Critical Discourse and Affect in the It Gets Better Project

TJ Billard (Third Year), "It's a Bird! It's a Plane! It's a Transgender Superhero!": Transgender Characters in Marvel, DC, and Image Comics

Nathan Walter (ABD)Christiana Robbins (Fourth Year)Professor Sheila Murphy, & Professor Sandra Ball-Rokeach, The Weight of Networks: The Role of Social Ties and Ethnic Media in Mitigating Obesity and Hypertension among Latinas


Friday, November 17

Jeeyun Baik (Second Year), LGBT Representation on Webtoons: Parasocial Contact Hypothesis, Familiarity and Interaction

Professor Patricia RileyProfessor Thomas HollihanChristina Hagen (ABD)Stefanie Demetriades (ABD), & Ruthie Kelly (Fourth Year), The Evolution of ISIS Arguments as Socio-material Narratives

Professor Andrea HollingsheadSonia Jawaid Shaikh (ABD), & Professor Michael Cody, Bounded Rationality: The Legacy and Relevance of Herbert Simon's Concept for Communication Scholarship

Wei Wang (ABD), From Political Resistance to Personal Resistance: Youth Culture, Media, and the Redefining of Cui Jian's Rock Music in the 2010s

Lik Sam Chan (ABD), Ambivalence in networked intimacy: Observations from gay men using mobile dating apps

Stefanie Demetriades (ABD), The "Boy in the Ambulance" and Cosmopolitan Dimensions of Virality

Chi Zhang (ABD), Ethnic communication ecology and the boundaries of political engagement among first-generation Chinese Americans


Saturday, November 18

TJ Billard (Third Year) Nathan Walter (ABD), Rethinking the Framing Paradigm: An Experimental Case Study of the 2016 Orlando Shooting

Nathan Walter (ABD)Stefanie Demetriades (ABD), & Professor Sheila Murphy, Can Vicarious Self-Affirmation Reduce E-Cigarette Use? The Case Study of College-Age Users

Jillian Kwong (Third Year), Taking One For The Team: Using Self-Affirmation to Impact Vaccine Intention

Briana Ellerbe (Second Year), Tumble High and Drop it Low: The Black Female Body in Collegiate Gymnastics

Brooklyne Gipson (Second Year), Black Women Are From the Future: #BlackGirlMagic As Aggregator of the Black Radical Imagination

Jingyi Sun (Second Year), Selective Exposure on Facebook: Interaction Effects Between Motives and Emotion Arousal

Ignacio Cruz (Third Year), Getting the Most Out of Your Network: Developing Social Capital through Involvement and Leadership in Meetings


Sunday, November 19

Bei Yan (ABD) Professor Andrea Hollingshead, The Opportunities and Challenges of Communication Technology for Group Communication Scholarship

Marina Litvinsky (Fourth Year), Art, Space and Resistance: How Activists are Taking Back Boyle Heights