Annenberg at ICA 2022

USC Annenberg School of Communication doctoral students, faculty, and alumni will present at the International Communication Association (ICA) conference, being held May 26 - 30, 2022 in Paris. The annual conference brings communication scholars from across the globe together to share their work. 


THURSDAY, MAY 26, 2022

Preconference: Communicating Multi-Modally: Research and Expressive Culture
8:00 am - 4:00 pm Offsite

  • Clinical Professor Alison Trope, David Johnson (SCA), Your Turn! Exploring Multimodal Pedagogy Through Critical Media Project
  • Professor Josh Kun, Togethering

Preconference: Scholars in Exile/Scholarship on the Edges: The Place of Critical Race Studies in Media, Communication, and Political Culture
9:00 am - 3:30 pm Hyatt Regency 5 and 6

  • Associate Professor Ben Carrington, Missed Conversations: Stuart Hall, Cedric Robinson and the Politics of Representation

Preconference: Patriarchal Worlds, Feminist Networks, and the Conjuncture
9:00 am - 5:00 pm Offsite

  • Chair: Professor Sarah Banet-Weiser

Preconference: One World, Many Voices: The Future of Sports Communication
9:00 am - 6:00 pm Palais des Congrès Room 315

  • Provost Postdoctoral Scholar Neftalie Williams, Building Black power through action sports and social media: The case for Surf & Skate Ghana

FRIDAY, MAY 27, 2022

Advances and Applications in Network Analysis
8:00 am Palais des Congrès Room 241

  • Assistant Professor Lindsay Young, Jack Lipei Tang (Third Year), Yuanfeixue Nan (Third Year), Digital Communication and Social Networks: Clues in a Community-Informed Computational Approach to HIV Behavioral Surveillance

Community Engaged Health Communication Research
8:00 am Hyatt Regency 7

  • Associate Professor Robin Stevens, Community-Engaged Research Works: What Are We Waiting For?

Media and Digital Activism in the USA
8:00 am Palais des Congrès Room 342b

  • Chair: Professor Larry Gross

Media, Stereotyping, and Discrimination
9:30 am Palais des Congrès Room 252a

  • Eugene Jang (Second Year), Inhwan Bae, Eun-Ju Lee, Good Samaritans, Bad Samaritans: How News Coverages of Immigrants’ Act Affect Readers’ Attitude Toward Them

Business Models in Journalism and Media Economics
9:30 am Palais des Congrès Rooms 311 and 312

  • Jonathan Anderson, Eugene Lee (Second Year), Renee Mitson, Allison J. Steinke, Hao Xu, Matthew Weber, Drivers of Consumers’ Willingness to Pay for Media

Sports Communication Student Only/Led Papers
11:00 am Palais des Congrès Room 251

  • Pratik Nyaupane (First Year), #WeAreAllMonkeys: The Intersection of Hashtag Activism and Anti-Racist Solidarity in Soccer

Fellows' Session I
12:30 pm Palais des Congrès, Amphitheatre Bleu

  • Chair: Professor Larry Gross

ICA Presents: One Podcast Network
2:00 pm Palais des Congrès, Amphitheatre Bleu

  • Professor Sarah Banet-Weiser, Feminist Networks and the Conjuncture

Conflict, Terrorism and War Coverage
2:00 pm Palais des Congrès Rooms 313 and 314

  • Postdoctoral Fellow Isaac Blacksin, Death’s Common Sense: Casualty Counts in War Reportage From Syria and Beyond

Celebrating the Career of Dennis Mumby
2:00 pm Hyatt Regency 9

  • Professor Andrea Hollingshead, What I Learned From (the Work of) Dennis Mumby: Musings From a Social Scientist

Energy in Focus: From Energy Production to Energy Conservation
2:00 pm Palais des Congrès Room 342a

  • Junyi Lv (ABD), Energy Memories in Transition: Meshworked Spheres of Oil Museums

Analyzing Ideology and Politics With Computational Methods
2:00 pm Hyatt Regency 8

  • Meiqing Zhang (ABD), Semantic Coevolution of Liberty and Equality

Health Communication and Vaccine Misinformation
3:30 pm Hyatt Lab 1 and 2

  • Associate Professor Aimei Yang (Journalism), Hye Min Kim (ABD), Alvin Zhou, Wenlin Liu (PhD 2016), Ke M. Huang-Isherwood (Second Year), Eugene Jang (Second Year), Jingyi Sun (PhD 2021), Eugene Lee (Second Year), Yafei Zhang, Chuqing Dong, Jieun Shin (2016), Are you Anxious or Enthusiastic About COVID-19 Vaccines? Understanding Publics’ Emotional Reactions to Misinformation and Corrective Messages Through Machine Learning

A Cornucopia of CAT
5:00 pm Palais des Congrès Room 342a

  • Steffie S. Kim (ABD), Yuanfeixue Nan (Third Year), Assistant Professor Lindsay Young, Professor Lynn C. Miller, More Comfortable With Online Interactions After COVID-19? Effects of Social Anxiety on Mediated Communication and Social Connectedness in Close Relationships

Virtual Session: Activism, Communication and Social Justice Interactive Poster Session

  • So Yun Ahn (ABD), From Social Movement to Social Change: Theory, Findings, and Agenda for Research on Connective Action

Virtual Session: LGBTQ Studies Interactive Poster Session

  • Chairs: Christopher Persaud (Third Year) and Qi Li

Virtual Session: Human-Machine Communication Paper Session 2

  • Katrin Fischer (Second Year), Donggyu Kim (Communication Data Science), Joo-Wha Hong (ABD), Does Trust Matter? Developing the UTAUT Model for Social Robot Acceptance
  • Joo-Wha Hong (ABD), Machines-As-Networked-Actors (MANA): Proposing a New Model for Understanding the Perception of Machines With Social Roles

Virtual Session: Communication Science and Biology Idea Blitz

  • Rene Weber, Musa Malik, Frederic R. Hopp, Kate Pieper (PhD 2012), Associate Professor Stacy Smith, The Extraction of Character Demographics From Social Media Content: Challenges and Opportunities for a Hybrid Approach Via the Measuring and Tracking Inclusion (MTI) Platform

Virtual Session: Digital Witnessing: When Images Across Borders Are Worth a Thousand Words (or Less)

  • Assistant Professor Allissa V. Richardson, Bearing Witness at the U.S.-Mexico Border: Exploring Haitian Migrants’ Use of Cellphones to Make and Share Crisis Journalism


SATURDAY, MAY 28, 2022

COVID Cavalcade - CATs and DOGs: Playing and Watching Games During the Pandemic
8:00 am Palais des Congrès Rooms 304 and 305

  • Professor Dmitri Williams, Mingxuan Liu (ABD), Sukyoung Choi (ABD), Nicholas D. Bowman, Sonia Jawaid Shaikh (PhD 2020), Playing Through the Pandemic: Gaming Usage as a Buffer During COVID-19

Health Communication in Social Media
8:00 am Hyatt Regency 2

  • Jacqueline Bannon, Natalia Roszkowska, Essence L. Wilson (Second Year), Yunwen Wang (ABD), Stephen Bonett, Elizabeth Lazarus, Nadia Dowshen, Associate Professor Robin Stevens, From Viral to Virus: Content Analysis of HIV-Related Twitter Messages Among Young Men

Globalization and Screen Cultures
9:30 am Palais des Congrès Room 242b

  • Olivia A. González, On Crafting “Serpent’s Tongue” Cinema: Exploring Latine Film Students’ Educational and Storytelling Experiences Through Testimoniando

Mobile Media and the Pandemic
11:00 am Palais des Congrès Room 241

  • Jeeyun Sophia Baik (PhD 2021), Eugene Jang (Second Year), Where Horizontal and Vertical Surveillance Meet: Sense-Making of U.S. COVID-19 Contact Tracing Apps During a Health Crisis
  • Junyi Lv (ABD), Mobilizing Energy During COVID-19: A Case Study on Diasporic Chinese Food Delivery Apps in Los Angeles

Black Lives Matter: Activism Against Racist Violence and Hatespeech
11:00 am Palais des Congrès Room 252b

  • Ho-Chun Herbert Chang (ABD), Assistant Professor Allissa V. Richardson, Associate Professor Emilio Ferrara, #Justiceforgeorgefloyd: How Instagram Facilitated the 2020 Black Lives Matter Protests 

Organizational Communication in the Age of Datafication and Artificial Intelligence
11:00 am Palais des Congrès Room 352b

  • Renee Mitson, Eugene Lee (Second Year), Jonathan Anderson, Managing Surveillance in the Context of App-Based Gig Workers During COVID-19

News Coverage and Public Discourse
11:00 am Hyatt Regency 9

  • Assistant Professor Allissa V. Richardson, Miya Williams Fayne, Conquering the COVID-19 Infodemic: How the Black Press Battled Racialized Misinformation in 2020

Research Escalator
11:00 am Hyatt Regency 15

  • Hasmik Galstyan, Elliot Lee, Trisha M. Nguyen, Emily Dang, Mohammed Khadadeh, Steffie S. Kim (ABD), David C. Jeong (PhD 2017), Restless VR: Simulating Escapism Among Individuals With Social Anxiety

Digital Artifacts Exhibition
12:30 pm Hyatt Lab 3

  • Paulina Lanz (ABD), (One)-Ness: The Unmaking and Re-Making of Geopolitics of Compassion

Protests, News Media and The Globalization of the Hierarchy of Social Struggle
12:30 pm Palais des Congrès Room 252a

  • Assistant Professor Allissa V. Richardson, Trends in African American Mobile Journalism: Bearing Witness, Building Movements, and Crafting Counternarratives

Media and Covid-Related Beliefs and Behaviors
12:30 pm Palais des Congrès Room 351

  • Alvin Zhou, Wenlin Liu (PhD 2016), Hye Min Kim (ABD), Eugene Lee (Second Year), Jieun Shin (PhD 2016), Yafei Zhang, Ke M. Huang-Isherwood (Second Year), Chuqing Dong, Associate Professor Aimei Yang (Journalism), Moral Foundations, Ideological Divide, and Public Engagement With U.S. Government Agencies’ COVID-19 Vaccine Communication on Social Media

Digital Policy, Regulation, and Governance
12:30 pm Hyatt Regency 15

  • Rohan Grover (First Year), Encoding Privacy: How Tech Workers Shape Privacy Regulations

Work and Labor: Exploring Women Workers’ Wellbeing and Representation Across Industries
2:00 pm Hyatt Lab 3

  • Chair: Jessica Hatrick (ABD)
  • Sierra Bray (ABD), A Seat at the (Conference) Table: Analyzing Intersectionality, Bias, and Employee Wellbeing in Work Meeting Communication
  • Xiaoqin Li, Yunwen Wang (ABD), Qian Xiao, Underrepresentation and Biased Representation of Frontline Women Health Workers in Chinese Social Media

Black Representation and Resistance in the USA
2:00 pm Hyatt Regency 5 and 6

  • Miya Williams Fayne, Assistant Professor Allissa V. Richardson, Reporting on Black Lives Matter’s Second Wave: How the Digital Black Press Used Social Media to Cover the Racial Uprisings of 2020

Feminist Scholarship Interactive Poster Session
5:00 pm Palais des Congrès, Hall Havane

  • Sierra Bray (ABD), Olivia A. González (ABD), Ruled by Ratios: Does Media Exacerbate Women’s Underrepresentation in Tech?

Theme Interactive Poster Session
5:00 pm Palais des Congrès, Hall Havane

  • So Yun Ahn (ABD), Myanmar on YouTube: The Cultures and Economic Logics of Platform-Based Cosmopolitanism

Environmental Communication Interactive Poster Session
5:00 pm Palais des Congrès, Hall Havane

  • Pamela C. Perrimon (Third Year), Reckoning With the Lives and Deaths of the Ivory-Billed Woodpecker

Virtual Session: Problematizing Diversity and Visibility for Queer and Trans Content Creators

  • Christopher Persaud (Third Year), Figuring “Diversity” in Sexual Content Creation

Virtual Session: Articulating Ethnic and Racial Identities Across Media

  • Felicia Istad, Claire Min Jung Kim, Nathaniel M. Curran (PhD 2020), Banal Foreignness: National Imagery in Multicultural-Themed Television Shows


SUNDAY, MAY 29, 2022

Politicians’ Use of Communication Technologies: Norms, Infrastructure, and Political ClassifiCATion
8:00 am Hyatt Regency 1

  • Jieun Shin (PhD 2016), Associate Professor Aimei Yang (Journalism), Wenlin Liu (PhD 2016), Hye Min Kim (ABD), Alvin Zhou, Jingyi Sun (PhD 2021), Politicization of Masks: Communication of Party Norms Among Political Elites on Social Media

Digital Diaspora and Its Discontents: Networked Political Contestation and the Invocation of the Nation
8:00 am Palais des Congrès Room 341

  • Azeb N. Madebo (ABD), Social Media and Expressive Identity Politics During Ethiopia’s War

Research Escalator I
9:30 am Hyatt Lab 10

  • Essence L. Wilson (Second Year), Sydney Lodge, Imani Richburg, Associate Professor Robin Stevens, A Seat at the Table: Deploying Youth Participatory Action Research Methods in Health Communication Praxis

Twitter and Tweets
9:30 am Palais des Congrès Room 343

  • Ho-Chun Herbert Chang (ABD), Becky Pham (ABD), #WearAMask: K-Pop Fandoms Drive Public Health Communication During COVID-19 on Twitter

Rethinking Power, Labour and Resistance
9:30 am Palais des Congrès Room 342a

  • Will Orr (First Year), Kathryn Henne, Ashlin Lee, Jenna I. Harb, Franz Carneiro Alphonso, Necrocapitalism in the Gig Economy: The Case of Platform Food Couriers

Press Freedom in the Digital Age: Cross-Cultural Perspectives
11:00 am Hyatt Regency 15

  • Associate Professor Mike Ananny, Freedom From Whistleblowers? Technology Journalism’s Autonomy in Facebook Coverage

Blue Sky Workshop: Looking Back, Sideways and Forward: Proving the Relevance of Digital Equity and Justice Research in “A Networked World”
11:00 am Palais des Congrès Room 315

  • Chairs: Hernan Galperin and Ellen Helsper

Communication Law and Policy Interactive Poster Session
12:30 pm Palais des Congrès, Hall Havane

  • Jeeyun Sophia Baik (PhD 2021), Hamsini Sridharan (Second Year), Civil Rights and Silicon Valley: Facebook and AirBnB Civil Rights Audits as a Co-Governance Mechanism?

Political Communication Interactive Poster Session
12:30 pm Palais des Congrès, Hall Havane

  • Jack Lipei Tang (Third Year), Mingxuan Liu (ABD), Professor Dmitri Williams, Towards Selective Play: The Role of Political Ideology and Military Identity in Playing a Massively Multiplayer Online Game

Mobile Use Across Generations
2:00 pm Hyatt Regency 3 and 4

  • Hoan Nguyen (ABD), Digital Youth Culture in Vietnam

The Olympics, Media, Discourse, and Power
2:00 pm Palais des Congrès Room 352a

  • Chairs: Cerianne Robertson (ABD) and Jules Boykoff
  • Cerianne Robertson (ABD), Reporting on Tokyo 2020: Journalists’ Reflections and Storytelling Choices

Measuring and Enhancing Online Discourses With Computational Methods
2:00 pm Palais des Congrès Room 251

  • Meiqing Zhang (ABD), Moral Rhetoric in the 2020 Presidential Election Campaign

Data Activism and Marginalized Communities: Resistance, Initiatives and Practices
3:30 pm Palais des Congrès Room 353

  • Alejandro Alvarado Rojas (First Year), Data Literacy in Civic Tech: An Investigation Into the Meanings and Orderings of Data Practices in Civic Tech Initiatives

Engineering Bridges: The Cultural Politics of Technological Evolutions
3:30 pm Palais des Congrès Room 242a

  • Ana Howe Bukowski (ABD), “I Can’t Believe I’m Meeting You”: The Socio-Material Legacies of Radical Software

Debate: The Public as a Problem for Public Diplomacy
3:30 pm Palais des Congrès Room 341

  • Participant: Professor Nick Cull

Virtual Session: Connecting With Employees and Other Stakeholders

  • Chuqing Dong, Yafei Zhang, Yiqi Li (PhD 2021), Eugene Lee (Second Year), Li Chen, What Makes Nonprofit Organizations (NPOS) Talk Transparently About Their Connections With Businesses on Twitter? Insights From N2B Network Portfolios and Resource Dependencies

Virtual Session: Gaming and Issues of Diversity

  • Ke M. Huang-Isherwood (Second Year), Steffie S. Kim (ABD), Professor Dmitri Williams, Women Hold Up (More Than) Half of the Sky: Examining Gameplay Motivations, Behaviors, and Social Capital in a Multiplayer Game Popular Among Female Players

Virtual Session: Human-Machine Communication Paper Session 3

  • Joo-Wha Hong (ABD), Katrin Fischer (Second Year), Yul Ha, Yilei Zeng, Human, I Wrote a Song for You: An Experiment Testing the Influence of Machines’ Attributes on the AI-Composed Music Evaluation

Virtual Session: Research Session 3

  • Ke M. Huang-Isherwood (Second Year), Assistant Professor Lindsay Young, Emotional Expression in an Intersectional Twitter Community: An Analysis of User Engagement


MONDAY, MAY 30, 2022

Contemporary Cultures of Post-Truth (Re-)Production: Beyond Fake News and Credulity as Media Effect
8:00 am Palais des Congrès Room 324b

  • Kathryn C. Higgins, Professor Sarah Banet-Weiser, Who’s Afraid of Trial by Media?: Sexual Violence and the Politics of Doubt

Media, Politics and the Right to Expression
8:00 am Palais des Congrès Room 242a

  • Olivia A. González (ABD), Jessica Hatrick (ABD), Globalizing “Good Cop” Tales on Television: The History and Influence of U.S. Copaganda in the New World Order

Advances in Risk Communication
11:00 am Hyatt Regency 3 and 4

  • Shawnika J. Hull, Xuejing Duan, Ashley Brant, Peggy Ye, Jiayan Gu, Megan Coleman, Associate Professor Robin Stevens, Rachel Scott, Understanding Psychosocial Determinants of Prep Uptake Among Cisgender Women Experiencing Heightened HIV Risk: Implications for Multi-Level Communication Intervention

Top Four Papers in Health Communication
2:00 pm Palais des Congrès, Amphitheatre Havana

  • Leslie F. Clark, Liyuan Wang (PhD 2021), Olivia Lee, Mona Desai, Vivian Okonta, Julie Cederbaum, Narrating Imagined Future Selves: Effects on Adolescent Mothers’ Ego Identity Development and Fears of the Future

Infrastructure, Innovation and Telecommunications: Evidence From the South(s)
2:00 pm Palais des Congrès Room 352a

  • Chairs: Jack Qiu, Grace Yuehan Wang (PhD 2021) and Miao Lu
  • Associate Professor Hernan Galperin, Is Broadband Contributing to Income Inequality? New Evidence From Ecuador

Infrastructure, Location, and Locative Media
3:30 pm Palais des Congrès Room 241

  • So Yun Ahn (ABD), The Role of Digital Technologies in Seeking Authenticity While Traveling

New Avenues for Media Activism Within Global Platform Capitalism
3:30 pm Palais des Congrès Room 341

  • Associate Professor Christina Dunbar-Hester, Lifeblood and Planetary Death: Logistics, Infrastructure, and the Violent Nature of Circulation

To Infinity and Beyond: New Types of Activities in the Media Industries
3:30 pm Hyatt Regency 5 and 6

  • Associate Professor Mike Ananny, Hamsini Sridharan (Second Year), Edward (Byungkwon) Kang (ABD), Frances Corry (ABD), Tracing Training: Understanding Media Industries’ Machine Learning Datasets

Virtual Session: Navigating Precarity as a “Targeted Researcher”: Building Resilience for Research into Problematic Content and Communities

  • Moderators: Rachel Moran (PhD 2020) and Kolina Koltai
  • Thomas Billard (PhD 2020), discussant
  • Sulafa S. Zidani (PhD 2021), discussant


TUESDAY, MAY 31, 2022

Postconference: Creator Studies Workshop
9:00 am - 5:00 pm Offsite

  • Chair: Clinical Professor David Craig