Photo of Wallis Annenberg Hall

Annenberg at ICA 2021

USC Annenberg doctoral students will present at the International Communication Association (ICA) conference, being held virtually May 27 - 31, 2021. The annual conference brings communication scholars from across the globe together to share their work. All bolded names are current Annenberg doctoral students.


Andrea Alarcon, Paulina Lanz, Rogelio Lopez, Choreographed Resistance: Feminist Performance and Visuals from Un Violador en Tu Camino

Soledad Altrudi, The “Internet of Animals” as a Site of Biopower: Deconstructing the ICARUS initiative 

Jeeyun Baik, Yue Yang, Eugene Jang, So Yun Ahn, Tracing Digital Contact Tracing: Surveillance Technology and Privacy Rights During COVID-19 in China, South Korea, and the United States 

Sierra Bray, Looping Representation: Analyzing Representations and Stereotypes of Blackness in GIF Search Engine Algorithms

Sierra Bray, Agonizing Over Exclamation Marks: Do Computer-Mediated Communication Cues Reinforce Gender Roles for Professionals?

Emilio Ferrara, Ho-Chun Herbert Chang, Emily Chen, Goran Muric, Jaimin Patel, Characterizing Social Media Manipulation in the 2020 U.S. Presidential Election

Sukyoung Choi, The Interplay Between Temporal Framing and Discrete Emotions in Predicting Public Attitudes Toward Artificial Intelligence

Rachel Moran & Caitlin Dobson, Weaponized Distraction: QAnon’s Co-Optation of Anti-Sex Trafficking Activism Through the Performance of Care

Joo-Wha Hong, AI, Don’t Surprise Me and Stay in Your Lane: An Experimental Testing of Perceiving Humanlike Performances of Artificial Intelligence 

Joo-Wha Hong, I Was Born to Love AI: The Influence of Social Status on AI Self-Efficacy and Intentions to Use AI Technology

Magdalena Wojcieszak, Ericka Menchen-Trevino, Seungsu Lee, Ke Huang-Isherwood, Brian Weeks, Partisan News and (No) Polarization: Overtime Evidence From Trace Data

David Jeong, Jackie Xu, Steffie Kim, Lynn Miller, Computer Vision and Virtual Reality, United With Unity 

Steffie Kim, The Potential of Virtual Reality Exposure Therapy in Treating Social Anxiety Disorder: A Review of Challenges, Optimization Methods, and Barriers to Care

Eugene Lee & Matthew Weber, Organizational Identification, Commitment and Knowledge Sharing of Gig Economy Contract Workers

Eugene Lee & Matthew Weber, Knowledge Sharing Among Contract Workers in Spaces Outside the Organization and Control of Gig Workers Through Algorithmic Management

Lauren Levitt, Sex Workers' Material Sharing Practices: Redistributing Resources and Reinforcing Hierarchies

Yiqi Li, Aimei Yang, Jieun Shin, Jingyi Sun, Hye Min Kim, Yan Qu, Coming Together in Tough Times: The Co-Evolution of NGOs’ COVID-19 Issue Discourse and Organizational Community Networks

Calvin Liu, Gathering Understanding: Negotiating Social Interactions Through Magic: The Gathering

Mingxuan Liu, Qiusi Sun, Dmitri Williams, An Eye for an Eye, Among Teammates: Perpetrators and Victims of Online Incivility 

Mingxuan Liu & Lynn Miller, Clinical Communication Science: Rethinking Communication Competence and Skill Measurement

Junyi Lv, Critical Media Industry Studies: The Case of Chinese Livestreaming 

Hoan Nguyen, Qiusi Sun, Dmitri Williams, How Do We Make the Virtual World a Better Place? Social Discrimination in Online Gaming, Sense of Community, and Well-Being

Gabrielle C. Ibasco, Mengxuan Cai, Hoan Nguyen, Arul Chib, Mobile Phones, Migrants and Marginalization: A Literature Review Through the Lens of Structuration Theory

Hoan Nguyen, ICTs use by homeless women: Mitigating social exclusion as a form of care

Tyler Quick, From Hate State to Gay State: Media, Politics, and LGTBQ Representation in Colorado From 1992-2019

Jingyi Sun, Jieun Shin, Yiqi Li, Yan Qu, Lichen Zhen, Hye Min Kim, Aimei Yang, Wenlin Liu, Adam Saffer, Communicating Stakeholders’ National Crisis Responses: The Co-Evolution of the COVID-19 Tri-Sector Issue Networks

Lipei Tang, Yuanfeixue Nan, Ho-Chun Herbert Chang, Lichen Zhen, Bei Yan, Aimei Yang, Communicating Risk or Politics? A Longitudinal Analysis of U.S. Politician-Health Agencies Interaction Dynamic During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Lipei Tang, Mingxuan Liu, Liyuan Wang, Yunwen Wang, Public Discourse on a Controversial LGBTQ Topic: What Does “Com(ing) Out” Mean on Chinese Social Media?

Liyuan Wang & Lynn Miller, Virtual Verbal Choices to Assess Interpersonal Skills: Predicting Links to Self-Perceived Communication Competence and Future Sexual Behavior

Jiaxi Wu, Yunwen Wang, Aveva Yusi Xu, Hye Min Kim, Margaret McLaughlin, Traci Hong, Negative Moral Emotions Increase Post Sharing: Multivariate Analyses of Vaping-Related Discussions in Online Communities 

Weiwei Zheng, Goran Muric, Emilio Ferrara, Individual and Collective Progression Deteriorates after Switching Teams in ESports: A Case Study of CS: GO Tournaments