Photo of Wallis Annenberg Hall

Annenberg at ICA 2020

USC Annenberg doctoral students will present virtually at the annual International Communication Association conference, being held May 20 – 26, 2020. Originally scheduled to meet in Gold Coast, Australia, the entire conference has moved online, bringing communication scholars from across the globe together to share their work. All bolded names are current Annenberg doctoral students.


Friday, May 22

“If I Cannot Expect, I Become Anxious”: Interpersonal Communication Strategies to Reduce Uncertainty and Anxiety Among Socially-Anxious College Students Using Thematic Analysis, Steffie S. Kim, Mingxuan Liu, Aili Qiao, Lynn Miller

Decoding Gender Stereotypes: Do LinkedIn Recommendations for Software Engineers Open Opportunities or Perpetuate Patriarchy?, Sierra Bray

Posters and Exhibits “Endorsing Values Detrimental to My Existence”: Examining Decolonial, Anti-Racist, and Feminist Possibilities in Cinema Schools’ Built Environments, Olivia A. Gonzalez

“Gender-Bending,” “Bombast Accents,” and “Straight Talk”: Analyzing the Politics of Performance, Narration, and Appropriation in Digital Audiobook Production, Olivia A. Gonzalez

The Power Divide: Mobile Communication in Los Angeles’ Skid Row, Hernan Galperin, Francois Bar, Hoan Nguyen

Let’s Bail! the Evolution of Individual-Group Affiliation in an Online Gaming Community, Jingyi Sun, Dmitri Williams, Yiqi Li

Facing Ethical Crisis of Celebrities: Collective Dynamics of Communication in Online Fan Communities on Sina Weibo, Bei Yan, Ruqin Ren

The Social Dynamics of Hierarchical Knowledge Categorization A Study of Kaggle Competitions, Jingyi Sun, Marlon Twyman

“Assisting-Machine Era” to “Substituting-Machine Era,” Joo-Wha Hong, Nathaniel M. Curran

Does “Ms. Monopoly” Miss the Mark? A Cultural, Textual, and Media Analysis of the Game That “Celebrates Women,” Jessica Hatrick, Sierra Bray, Amber Lynn M. Scott

Commercial Urban Data for Justice(?): Grounding Emerging Urban Computational Tools and Approaches, Matthew Bui


Saturday, May 23

#YouTubeAndrewYang: How a Random Man Became a Presidential Candidate, Ho-Chun Herbert Chang, So Yun Ahn

Switching Power or Surviving on the Margin? a Network Analysis of Wanda as a Case for Chinese Private Media Firms, Lichen Zhen, Wenhong Chen

Moral Relativity Framework: Re-Conceptualizing Morality in a Digital Context, David C. Jeong, Hyun Tae (Calvin) Kim, James Lee, Meiqing Zhang

Influence of Camera View on TikTok Users’ Presence, Immersion, and Adoption Intent of Smart Home Technologies, Yunwen Wang


Sunday, May 24

Jamming the Olympic Rings: Anti-Olympics Art Across Time and Space, Cerianne Robertson

Media Coverage on US-China Trade and the Issue of Press Independence: A Computational Content Analysis Approach, Meiqing Zhang, Siu Hei Wong

Data Privacy Against Innovation or Against Discrimination?: The Case of California Consumer Privacy Act, Jeeyun S. Baik

“The Spunky Squaw,” “Hick-Hop,” and “Blackfishing”: Self-Categorization via Cultural Appropriation Throughout Online Spaces, Caitlin J. Dobson

A Snap of True Self: The Impact of Temporal Affordances on Self-Concept, Sukyoung Choi, Dmitri Williams, Hyeok Kim

What Makes Grandpa Tank: Motivations of Video Game Play by Older Adults, Mingxuan Liu, Sukyoung Choi, Do Own (Donna) Kim, Dmitri Williams, Han Wu

Exploring the Safetynet of Confidants: Ego-Network Structures as Indicators of Depression Diagnosis and Improvement, Liyuan Wang, Lynn Miller

Local Teachers and Global Languages: Factors Driving Teacher Selection in the Gig Economy, Nathaniel M. Curran, Lichen Zhen, Hernan Galperin, Lian Jian, Sunghan Ryu

A Computational Social Science Analysis of Online Comments Reacting to Youtube Influencers’ “Coming Out” Videos, David C. Jeong, Sharon Zhang, Dan Feng, Becky Pham, Amber Lynn M. Scott

Queerness as Cultural Capital, Tyler Quick

Caregiver Acceptance of Technology for Keeping Persons Living With Dementia Safe at Home, Aveva Yusi Xu, Yunwen Wang, Steffie S. Kim, Do Own (Donna) Kim, Margaret L. McLaughlin

Negotiating Muscularity in the Gym: Understanding Masculinities and Sexualities of Chinese Gay Men Through Bodybuilding, Lipei Tang, Lynette Jingyi Zhang


Monday, May 25

Cultivated Inoculation in China’s Propaganda Machine: Examining the Effects of Domestic Media Use and Criticism Outside the Great Firewall on Regime Support, Lipei Tang

From Passing to Changing: Digitally Mediated Anti-Stigmatization Practices Among Homeless Women, Hoan Nguyen

“Pay for Your Choices”: Deconstructing Neoliberal Choice Through Free-To-Play Mobile Interactive Fiction Games, Do Own (Donna) Kim

Open Science With Academic Genealogies, Ho-Chun Herbert Chang, David C. Jeong

Automated Journalism and the Hostile Media Effect: Experimental Approaches on the Perception of AI-Written Political News, David Tewksbury, Joo-Wha Hong, Ho-Chun Herbert Chang

I’ll Play on My Smurf Account: Sybils and Network Measures, Natalie Jonckheere, Do Own (Donna) Kim, Calvin Liu, Malika Seth, Tanay Shankar, Jinney Guo, Fred Morstatter, Dmitri Williams

Navigating South Korean Gay Cultures: Emerging Digital-Scape and Research Ethics, Do Own (Donna) Kim

What Do We Get When We Picture the Future and Focus on the Loss: Testing the Persuasive Effects of Message Promoting HPV Vaccination, Hye Min Kim

How Do Chinese Software Companies Build Cross-Sector Partnership Network? Navigating the Maze of Stakeholder Selection and Government Power, Yiqi Li, Aimei Yang

AI Mozart vs. Human Mozart: Experimental Approach on the Perception of AI Composed Music, Qiyao Peng, Joo-Wha Hong

Cosmopolitanism for Sale: Language Exchange in the Space of Flows, Lichen Zhen, Nathaniel M. Curran, Hernan Galperin, Sunghan Ryu, Lian Jian

Sex Workers’ Caring Practices: Physical and Emotional Care, Lauren R. Levitt

A History of Violence and Censorship in Authoritarian Regimes, Meiqing Zhang

Relay of Resistance: Researching the Transnational Anti-Olympics Movement, Cerianne Robertson

Analyses of Medical Doctors’ Online Presence on Youtube Channels Especially Narrative Health Videos, Subscriptions, and Viewership, Yunwen Wang