Specialized Journalism (Arts and Culture) Concentrations

The Master of Arts in Specialized Journalism (The Arts) comprises two separate and distinct journalism concentrations — one focusing on the arts and the other on food. For both concentrations, the emphasis is on culture: arts and culture; food and culture. Read more about each concentration below.

Arts and culture concentration 

The arts concentration spans the critical environments of film, television, music, theatre, dance, literature, architecture and visual arts. USC Annenberg welcomes artists with a solid background and/or arts conservatory training who express sincere commitment to wanting to learn the journalism practice and skills to tell compelling stories. Electives will primarily be taken at one or more of USC’s arts schools to help hone students’ mastery over their desired field. 

Food and culture concentration

Whether they’re helping a restaurant promote its use of sustainable ingredients, raising awareness of food insecurity on campus, writing articles about how food reflects and defines a city’s history and culture, or researching new models of sustainable and ethical food systems, USC Annenberg students, faculty and alumni are demonstrating that responsible storytelling about food must reach far beyond the boundaries of the plate. 

For food journalism MA students, a demonstrable knowledge about food, and a socio-political understanding and curiosity about the places where food intersects with culture is expected. With dedicated classes, this expertise will be cultivated and honed in one of the most culturally diverse cities in the world.