PhD student Yuqi Yang

Yuqi Yang

2023-2024 Cohort

Yuqi Yang is a doctoral student at USC Annenberg. Her research interests include East Asian popular culture and media, critical theory, feminist theory, fandom studies, digital platforms and digital labor, the sociology of communication, and sustainability communication. During her doctoral studies, she would love to conduct research to answer the following questions: What are the digital labor experiences of women in China? What roles do female producers and consumers play in the production and consumption of popular culture and media in China? What do the forces, processes, and outcomes of women’s digital affective work suggest about women’s labour, life, and status in China in the digital era?

Prior to her doctoral studies, she received a bachelor of arts degree from McGill University, with a major in East Asian studies and a minor in communication studies. She received a master of science degree in contemporary Chinese studies at the University of Oxford and was granted a distinction.