PhD student Sofia Haytin

Sofia Haytin

2023-2024 Cohort
Research and Practice Areas: 
Civic Engagement and Social Justice
Culture and Media
Media Industries and Journalism
Organizations, Networks and Groups
Science, Technology and Innovation

Sofia Haytin is a PhD student at USC Annenberg. Her research focuses on the ways in which voices that are alternative to mainstream ideologies find their place within mainstream discourse and potentially challenge it. She is interested in insider/outsider dynamics of action and visibility, and in the ways in which these dynamics are constructed discursively. More specifically, she would like to explore why some general, broadly dispersed online spaces or social media networks targeted at the general population are nevertheless perceived by certain individuals, who feel that that they are excluded from the mainstream, to be suitable spaces for alternative community-building. One such example is the Israeli Twitter community, which Haytin has conducted preliminary research on.

Originally from Israel, Haytin has a BA in communication and political science and an MA in communication from the University of Haifa. She has worked as a research assistant in various projects, conducting interviews and content analysis in the areas of journalism, political discourse, and gender. Haytin has extensive teaching experience and has taught at the University of Haifa and other academic institutions in Israel. She has also contributed to the independent left-wing news magazine

Outside of school, she enjoys music, cinema, reading fiction, and most of all, taking pictures of her cat.


Lachover, E., & Haytin, S. (2024). Is feminism an asset or a burden? Media coverage of a feminist political woman leader. Feminist Media Studies, 1-19.

Lachover, E., & Haytin, S. (2022). The presence of women in Israeli news media during the COVID-19 pandemic: Global Media Monitoring Project (GMMP) report, 2020. Media Frames 21, 177-194. [Hebrew]

Haytin, S., & Livio, O. (2019). “What we cannot speak about we must tweet”: Trust among Israeli Twitter users with depression. AoIR Selected Papers of Internet Research.‏