Jay Wang will lead USC Annenberg’s Center on Public Diplomacy

Dean Ernest J. Wilson III announced that Associate Professor Jay Wang will become the new director of USC Annenberg’s Center on Public Diplomacy.

Wang will succeed Professor Philip Seib, who has served as the Center’s director since 2009. As of Aug. 1, Seib will return to full-time teaching and research at USC Annenberg as a professor of journalism and public diplomacy, and as a professor of international relations at USC’s Dana and David Dornsife College of Letters, Arts and Sciences.

Wang, a scholar and consultant in the fields of international corporate communication and public diplomacy, is an associate professor of public relations at USC Annenberg's School of Journalism. His writings address the role of communication in the contemporary process of globalization, with an area focus on China. As a CPD University Fellow, Wang leads two CPD Research Projects, "Nation Branding at Expo Shanghai 2010" and "Reshaping Cultural Diplomacy in a New Era: Confucius Institutes & China’s Soft-Power Strategy."

“The Center has become the premier institution of its type in the world” Dean Wilson said. “As I sincerely thank Professor Seib for his remarkable stewardship over the past four years, I welcome Dr. Wang, who I know will continue to lead us to great heights in the years ahead. His combination of practical experience, his regional expertise and his mastery of the key issues of public diplomacy will strengthen our premier position even further.”

Reviewing his tenure as director, Professor Seib said, “I am proud of the center’s accomplishments during the past four years. CPD has established itself as the go-to source for information and events related to public diplomacy in the United States and throughout the world.”

Some of Seib’s many accomplishments include strengthening the relationship between CPD and think tanks and institutions of higher education around the world, as well as with the U.S. Department of State and numerous foreign ministries. He implemented a new strategic plan, developed several publication series and established a competitive Research Fellows program. He has also continued to pursue an ambitious publication agenda; his most recent book is Real-Time Diplomacy: Politics and Power in the Social Media Era.

Wang says he looks forward to the challenges of his new position: “I am honored to have the opportunity to work even more closely with the Center on Public Diplomacy. And I have big shoes to fill. Under Professor Seib’s leadership, the Center has become a global leader in the study and practice of public diplomacy. I will continue our efforts to strengthen the Center’s leadership position around the world, and to make the CPD website the most comprehensive and informative resource on public diplomacy.”

CPD’s board members look forward to working with Wang and making the most of his vision for the center, said Kimberly Marteau Emerson, chairwoman of CPD's Advisory Board.

"I have enjoyed working with Phil over the past four years and really appreciate the extent to which he has involved and re-engaged the CPD Advisory Board since his appointment,” Emerson said. “From the board's perspective, his tenure was incredibly fruitful and dynamic and I thank him for his tireless efforts to increase the Center's output and visibility.

"I look forward to working closely with Jay to ensure that Phil's legacy is honored and that the Center's upward trajectory continues. Jay brings an exciting vision and skill set to the Center and has already made significant contributions to CPD's work."

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