USC Annenberg learning spaces doubling; Wallis Annenberg Hall 50 percent devoted to classrooms

When Wallis Annenberg Hall opens in Fall 2014, USC Annenberg will nearly double its number of available classrooms. Currently the USC Annenberg academic community has access to 15 classrooms. Wallis Annenberg Hall will have 19 classrooms, and the existing ASC building will have nine in use, making a total of 28.

About 70 percent of the usable square footage in Wallis Annenberg Hall will be devoted to learning spaces, mostly made up of classrooms (50%), while the remaining 20 percent will be used to house the  schools  state-of-the-art media center.









Wallis Annenberg Hall will also provide an additional 4,000 square feet of meeting, conference and collaboration spaces, with 8 rooms identified as general use that can be scheduled by Annenberg students, faculty and staff.