Two buildings, 12 conference rooms

When Wallis Annenberg Hall (ANN) opens in 2014, USC Annenberg will add eleven conference rooms, including a number of “unscheduled” rooms that can be used spontaneously for serendipitous meetings.

In addition to the existing building’s one conference room (Room 207), the USC Annenberg community will have collaborative spaces open throughout the school’s academic environment.

ANN’s formal meeting rooms will provide space for the USC Annenberg community to reserve locations for conferences in advance. These rooms will have all the standard set-up that every ANN room will have, including dry erase boards and tack-able surfaces on most walls, along with single projector screen or LCD display, built-in AV cabinet with computer and Blu-Ray player and laptop and mobile computing connections.

The new building will enhance the USC Annenberg community’s ability to collaborate on the fly, with six unscheduled project and collaboration rooms, as well as “huddle”/alcove spaces, throughout ANN. These rooms will have LCD display, laptop and mobile computing connections, and Wi-Fi.