Dublab members named inaugural residents of Popular Music Project's LA Residency Program

The Popular Music Project's LA Residency Program recently announced that members of  Dublab — a cutting-edge Los Angeles collective of boundary-blurring music selectors, podcast architects, sound bloggers, and visual dreamers who use music to explore ideas and imagine landscapes that move from the city to the world — will be its inaugural residents for the fall semester.

Dublab's first Popular Music Project event is "Community Music Now," an evening dedicated to exploring the role of music in building and nourishing community in Los Angeles, at Bovard Auditorium on Sept. 24.

Based in Echo Park, Dublab's projects include the acclaimed Dublab Web radio stream, live performances featuring DJs from the Dublab Soundsystem, art exhibitions devoted to album covers for imaginary albums and concert posters for imaginary concerts, album releases featuring the best in local progressive music, and so much more. Dublab will participate in a series of public events and student workshops throughout the semester.

The Popular Music Project is a one-stop home for the interdisciplinary study and analysis of popular music. Bringing together faculty and students from across the USC campus with musicians, critics, and industry innovators, the PMP takes pop music seriously as an object of sustained critical inquiry through a mix of public events, research projects, and Los Angeles campus residencies. The project's goal is to treat the making of pop music as a key site for education and pedagogy and for re-thinking questions of society, culture, history, and communication.

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