Public Relations is the exciting and fast-growing discipline through which all types of organizations communicate and build relationships with the people who are important to them.

From non-governmental social action groups to Fortune 500 companies, highly skilled public relations practitioners play essential roles. USC Annenberg PR graduates are sought by organizations for their hands-on skills, analytical ability and creative mindset. A degree in Public Relations from USC Annenberg will tell employers that you are a strategic thinker, a strong communicator, an accomplished writer and a professional with tremendous potential.


The university's general education program provides a coherent, integrated introduction to the breadth of knowledge you will need to consider yourself (and to be considered by other people) a generally well-educated person. This program requires eight courses in core literacies and two courses in global perspectives. For more details, visit


Public Relations must complete the following courses:

Required Lower Division Courses

PR 209 - Effective Writing for Strategic Public Relations (4 units)

PR 250 - Strategic Public Relations: An Introduction (4 units)

Required Upper Division Courses

PR 351ab - Strategic Public Relations Media and Content (4-4 units)

PR 428 - Social, Legal and Ethical Foundations of Public Relations (4 units)

PR 429 - Business and Economic Foundations of Public Relations (4 units)

PR 450 - Advanced Strategic Public Relations (4 units)

PR 463 - Strategic Public Relations Research, Analysis and Insights (4 units)

Elective Courses 

Plus 12 upper division journalism and/or public relations elective units chosen in consultation with an adviser.

Students must consult with an undergraduate academic adviser at least once each semester to explore course selections within the major, the minor, general education offerings and electives.