Jameela Hammond
Arts and Culture, Digital Media, Diversity and Inclusion, Media Literacy, Popular Culture, Race and Ethnicity, Social Justice, Social Media
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Jameela Hammond is an audio storyteller with a passion to spotlight BIPOC and LGBTQ+ communities. Several months after receiving her master's in specialized journalism from the University of Southern California with a focus in (video and audio) podcasting, she returned as an adjunct professor for the Annenberg School of Communication and Journalism, focusing on Navigating Media & News in the Digital Age.

She is looking forward to sharing the latest project she’s been working on as the host/producer for Monument Lab’s 6-episode narratively-reported podcast, “Plot of Land” coming out in January 2023. She has also hosted Annenberg Radio’s “From Where We Are,” “JAMPACKED,” and “The Black Catalyst Show.” She created “JAMPACKED” and “The Black Catalyst Show” to share unheard BIPOC and LGBTQ+ stories. 

Hammond also received the honor of being awarded one of the L.A. Press Club’s Foot-in-the-Door Fellows. As an editorial assistant at KNBC/NBC4, she received an ovation for breaking the Faria Beach murder story.

Her commitment to being an impactful vessel for her communities, namely Black and LGBTQ+ audiences includes being a speaker at the Models or Pride Conference’s Queer Sports Workshop. She has also moderated on the JanFam Movement’s Rhythm United Q&A panel celebrating the 30th Anniversary of Janet Jackson’s Rhythm Nation 1814 Album.

Leading up to that moment, Hammond had learned to become comfortable in front of a crowd when she completed her time at the world-renowned comedy theater and comedy school, Upright Citizen’s Brigade, but she wanted to explore more of her voice — so she did. She trained in the craft of voiceovers and character development with Debi Derryberry, Charlie Adler, Johnny Gidcomb (Looping), and Ned Lott. She has also trained in the Art of Stand-up Comedy with comedy legend, David Arnold (Netflix It Ain’t for the Weak).

Hammond’s voice can also be heard narrating USC’s Critical Media Project videos that focus on increasing young people’s critical thinking and empathy. She believes it's incumbent upon her to represent and share unheard stories. As a vessel, she wants to create meaningful content and tell life-altering stories.