USC Annenberg Events

The policies outlined here are University and USC Annenberg-specific policies. If you submit an event, you have agreed that you have read the following policies.

The contents of this page are:

For an overview of the events process at USC Annenberg, watch the training video here (requires USC login). You can also access the slide deck for this training here (requires USC login).

Requesting an event

If you are requesting to host an event online or in person, you must submit your event reservation request by filling out the USC Annenberg Event Request form, which can be found at the bottom of this page.

Please note when requesting an event: 

  • All events must be submitted to this form in order to be approved by USC Annenberg’s Events Council. Events not submitted to this form will not be considered.
  • Submitting an event request, receiving confirmation that an event request has been received and reserving a space for an event does not constitute an approval. You will be notified via email if your event request has been approved.
  • A representative from the team who is responsible for the event must fill out the request. The Office of Communication and Marketing or Technical Services and Operations may not submit on your behalf.
  • Events must be submitted at least four weeks in advance to allow time for review.

USC Annenberg events online

The host is responsible for all aspects involved with coordinating the online event, including the creation of the Zoom meeting link under their USC Zoom account. In addition, the host must be present during the online event for purposes of moderating, assigning co-hosts, admitting attendees from the waiting room, etc.

USC Annenberg events on campus

Space reservations in Wallis Annenberg Hall (ANN) and Annenberg School for Communication (ASC) are only available to Annenberg faculty and staff. All events require faculty or staff affiliation. If you are a member of the USC community wishing to hold an event on campus, please obtain faculty or staff affiliation or your event will not be considered.

Please note, any USC Annenberg Staff or Faculty hosting an event elsewhere on campus that is not in Wallis Annenberg Hall (ANN) or Annenberg School for Communication (ASC) is fully responsible for booking and planning all event logistics through Trojan Event Services

The event guidelines below are provided to ensure the safety and inclusion of all guests and help you host a successful event at USC Annenberg. If you are hosting an on-campus event, you are required to do the following (below), depending on the needs of your event. 

Requesting an event space

If you are requesting your event be held in a USC Annenberg building, you must perform the following steps:

  1. Request your event reservation by filling out the USC Annenberg Event Request form.
    1. USC Annenberg Events Council meets every Tuesday morning to review event requests and USC Annenberg’s event calendar. (The council is made up of staff from the Dean’s Office, TechOps, and MarCom.)
    2. You will be notified via email if your event is approved by the council so you may begin to plan and promote your event. 
  2. After you submit the request form, please submit an event permit with details of your event and receive an event ID number at This will register your event with the university. You will receive an auto-response email from Fire and Safety, USC Hospitality, Department of Public Safety, USC Transportation, and Facilities Planning and Management with further information on potential next steps. (Please reference the additional requirements section below.)

Additional Requirements

After confirming your space reservation, filling out an event permit and receiving your event ID number, you will receive an auto-response email from USC Fire and Safety, USC Hospitality, Department of Public Safety, USC Transportation and Facilities Planning and Management with further information. 

Based on the needs of your event, you may be required to fulfill additional requirements to host your event on campus. Please use the section below as a supplementary, informational resource if you are required to fulfill the additional requirements.

Serving food

Find a list of USC Approved vendors and their websites here.

If you plan on serving food at your event, you may be required to:

  • Submit a catering approval form to USC Auxiliary Services to ensure you are working with a USC-approved vendor:
  • Journalism and Communication faculty members should contact their respective school offices for assistance with serving food at their events.
  • Important information regarding food at your event:
    • Single-use plastic water bottles are no longer allowed on campus.
    • Requests for food containing homemade items will not be approved.
    • You do not need to provide documentation (health permits, insurance, etc.) for items sourced from national grocery chains like Costco, Smart and Final, Vons, Ralphs, etc. Please keep in mind that these items must all be pre-made and pre-packaged.
    • Event requests with self-BBQ for more than 35 guests will not be approved.
    • Auxiliary Services will not approve food and beverage forms unless they have confirmed that all required documents have been submitted and are current.
  • If your food service includes a food truck, you are also required to request parking for the food truck using this form: 
    • Food trucks parked next to ANN Alumni Plaza in the fire line must also be approved by USC Department of Fire and Safety (DPS) at
    • The location of the food truck must also be approved by DPS and Fire Safety in advance. This includes the arrival/departure path for the truck. Pedestrian safety must be taken into account and planned for accordingly.
    • You must hire a food truck that is an approved vendor (documentation similar to any other caterer), have a fire extinguisher on board, protect the ground from oil/grease spills, etc.
    • You must pay for an oversized parking permit which is $50 per day and must be paid with a requisition.
    • Food trucks may come to campus in the capacity of catering for an event and must be contracted as you would any other caterer: select a menu, negotiate pricing for a specific number of guests and arrange payment. Cash sales from a food truck are not allowed. Please use for all email communications and questions relative to food and beverage approval with USC Hospitality.

Serving alcohol

If you plan on serving alcohol at your event, you are required to:

  • Submit an alcohol request form for approval. The Facility Director to sign this form is Jim Yoder. Final approval must be acquired within two weeks of your event date. If event is within two weeks, please note serving alcohol is contingent upon approval. 
    • Alcohol request forms are required any time alcohol is served at an event, regardless of vendor. 

Important information regarding serving alcohol at your event:

  • All alcohol must be served by a university-approved vendor. Self-service bars (either by guests or department staff) are not allowed and will be denied. 
  • Serving and consuming alcohol should always be complementary or secondary to the event, not the primary focus of the event.
  • Alcohol-only events will not be approved. A variety of food items must be provided for all guests, as the consumption of food slows down the absorption of alcohol.
  • Your caterer being approved to serve food on campus does not mean that they are approved to serve alcohol. If they are not approved, they (or you) will need to subcontract an approved vendor for that service.

Installing a stage, chairs, event rentals, etc

If you plan on installing a stage or other large furniture in an Annenberg space, you are required to:

  • Meet with Jim Yoder and Patricia Carvajal to discuss the size of the stage needed for your event, stage delivery, installation and pick up logistics to adhere to our facilities and event schedule. Patricia Carvajal will place the order with the Annenberg Sales Manager at Town and Country. This may involve the removal of existing building furniture and will require additional logistics. 
  • Pay for the cost of event rentals directly to Town and Country (cost varies based on availability and delivery schedule). 

Stage sizes for ANN Forum:

  • Larger stage: 8ft X 16ft X 12 inches Biljax stage covered in grey turf or carpet
  • 8ft X 12ft X 12 inches Biljax stage covered in grey turf or carpet


  • If you are hosting an event outside (ANN Alumni Plaza, ASC East Patio) and need access to power for speakers, lighting, etc., you must submit an FPM Request form and request an electrician to unlock the electrical boxes. Please note you are responsible for this fee as TechOps cannot unlock the electrical boxes.
  • If you need audio/visual services for your event that are not covered by Annenberg TechOps, you are required to rent from a USC-approved vendor familiar with our setup and equipment, such as:
    • Take One Production, contact Jim Yoder about your A/V needs and he will book direct with our Sales Manager at Take One.

Security/Threat Assessment 

  • Some events may require a threat assessment by the Department of Public Safety (DPS) depending on a celebrity speaker, dignitary, governmental official, guest, or sensitive subject matter. Additional safety precautions may include, dropping off a speaker/guest as close to ANN/ASC for private entry, green room accommodations, or an armed security escort. Threat assessments are conducted by Lt. Mark Cervenak,
  • If you need crowd management for your event, this service is subcontracted with Contemporary Security Corporation (CSC) on a 4-hour minimum. Please let Patricia Carvajal and Jim Yoder know if you will require CSC personnel. 
    • Our CSC Sales Managers are: Aaron Martin, contact at
    • Event host is responsible for paying CSC directly.


  • If your guests will be parking on campus, please fill out the USC Transportation Office parking reservation form below. It is the responsibility of the host to either pay for parking via a departmental requisition or to communicate with guests that daily parking is $20 per vehicle.
    • If your event is hosted in Wallis Annenberg Hall (ANN), the closest parking structure is the Downey Way Parking Structure. 
    • If your event is in the Annenberg School for Communication (ASC), the closest parking structure is the Royal Parking Structure. 
    • A UPC and HSC campus map that can be shared with guests can be found here
    • If you need special parking arrangements for caterers or other vendors who need to park near the building, special permitting is required.


USC values the equitable and full inclusion of individuals with disabilities into all aspects of campus life. As such, all units have a shared responsibility to make their events accessible to all. In most cases, creating accessible events is free or low-cost and requires only modest planning. Please see information below from the USC Institutional Accessibility and ADA Compliance Office.

  • Event organizers are responsible for coordinating and funding accessibility requests for all attendees of any USC-affiliated event held on or off campus. Events should be planned with accessibility in mind to minimize the potential for last-minute event changes or additional costs.
  • The building location and event space or meeting room should be accessible to all attendees. Choose a location with accessible entrances, ramps, elevators, and restrooms. If your event is taking place in a grassy area, consider potential pathways for individuals in wheelchairs (wide, smooth, level, and void of hazards or obstructions) and key areas of equal access to the event itself (i.e., if flooring or Astroturf needs to be laid).
  • The room, seating, and aisle spacing should be arranged so that attendees who are blind, have low vision, or use a wheelchair or other mobility devices are able to move about safely and independently. Furniture should be arranged to allow for ease of travel through pathways that are free of hazards and/or protruding objects.
  • If tables or desks are used, ensure that adjustable height options are available upon request and clear pathways exist between tables that would accommodate individuals utilizing wheelchairs or other mobility devices.
  • Additionally, if serving food and beverages, consider table height and whether an individual utilizing a wheelchair would be able to reasonably access service tables.
  • Assembly areas with fixed seating (e.g. theaters, stadiums, etc.) must provide a range of built-in seating locations to allow people using wheelchairs to choose where to position themselves to view activities and/or performances.  
  • Additional considerations for individuals with mobility concerns include considering pathways (free of stairs, protruding objects, slopes, and ability to maneuver around desks, tables, and chairs). 
  • Attendees who are deaf or hard of hearing may need reserved seating near the speaker, interpreters or captioning. Reserved seating should have a clear line of vision to speakers and/or visuals. Individuals using assistive listening devices may or may not need seating closer to speakers depending on the type of device.
  • Event organizers, or their designee, must be available during the event to inform attendees about the location of accessible restrooms, elevators, building location, assistive listening devices, and room setup. All staff must be informed of the basic accessibility of the event space and be provided with the contact information of designated staff members who can assist with accessibility concerns.
  • The number of chairs removed for wheelchairs depends on the total seating refer to the table below. Wheelchair locations should be integrated with the general seating areas and a companion seat should be available next to each wheelchair location.
Capacity of seating in assembly areas Number of required wheelchair seating locations
4 to 25 1
26 to 50 2
51 to 150 4
151 to 300 5
301 to 500 6
501 to 5000 6, plus 1 for each 150, or fraction thereof
5001 and over 36, plus 1 for each 200, or fraction thereof

Number of required wheelchair locations based on seating capacity.

The number of wheelchair locations required is related to seating capacity and, with some exceptions, must be interspersed within conventional seating areas so patrons have a choice of location/ticket price. Wheelchair seating capacity goals must be met or exceeded in assembly areas where moveable chairs are used for temporary events.


Please see recommendations below from the USC Office of Sustainability. Please note while not required, we do recommend implementing when possible to create a more sustainable environment.

  • To reduce your carbon footprint, reduce the amount of meat you serve and/or consider serving a vegetarian menu.
  • Stop waste before it starts. Consider not giving away swag.
  • Go digital by sending invitations through email lists and social networking sites. Don’t print your materials. Use computers for presenting.
  • Reduce single occupancy car trips and use Traveler to find alternative transportation options.
  • Food leftovers end up in landfill, so be mindful of portion control. USC has eliminated single-use plastic beverage bottles from campus. Use hydration stations, water coolers/dispensers, and water fountains instead.
  • Work with vendors who supply reusable service ware such as plates, glasses, cutlery, stir sticks, platters, and serving materials.
  • Provide composting bins and contact FPM a day prior to the event to schedule compost pickup post-event. Assign volunteers to help guests recycle and compost properly.
  • FPM can provide waste bins with “landfill” and “recycling” signage. Check out for more waste sorting instructions and signage. Place waste diversion bins in high-traffic areas during the event, including setup and breakdown. Make sure recycling items are clean and dry so they don’t contaminate the recycling bin.

The event guidelines above are provided to ensure the safety and inclusion of all guests and help you host a successful event at USC Annenberg. Our hope is that over time, hosting an event will become more familiar and manageable. If you need assistance with your USC Annenberg event please contact  Senior Event Coordinator, Patricia Carvajal at and Special Events Technical Production Coordinator, Jim Yoder at They can help answer any questions about the university event procedures and best practices.

Event marketing and promotion

To receive promotional support, an event must be submitted and approved through the USC Annenberg Event Request Form linked at the bottom of this page. See the policy above for requesting an event.

Available forms of promotion

Event listings on the USC Annenberg website

  • If you would like an event listing on the USC Annenberg website, indicate “Yes” in the associated field on the Event Request Form. 
  • Event listings are applicable to events that are a) open to the public, b) open to a large part of the USC Annenberg community, including students, alumni, parents and families, etc. Events that are private meetings, closed gatherings, or are otherwise exclusive should not request an event listing. 

Event listings on the USC Central Events Calendar

  • If you would like your event shared to the USC Central Events Calendar, indicate “Yes” on the associated field in the Events Request Form. Once the USC Annenberg Office of Communication and Marketing has received and processed your request, we will submit it on your behalf.

RSVP forms

  • If you would like an event RSVP included with promotion, please indicate “Yes” in the associated field on the Event Request Form. 
  • Any event requestor, whether their event is closed or not, hosted through USC Annenberg can request an official RSVP form via the form above. You do not need to have an event listing on the USC Annenberg website to request an RSVP form.
  • If you have created your own RSVP form, e.g. a Google form, Zoom registration form, etc., you may include that on your event request in the Event Request Form in the appropriate field and it will be used in promotional materials.
  • If you would like an RSVP form created for you, the Office of Communication and Marketing can facilitate this. Please note that event RSVP forms created through USC Annenberg’s RSVP system (Formstack) must be created and edited by the Office of Communication and Marketing. Direct creation or editing of RSVP forms in USC Annenberg’s RSVP system is not permitted.

Email outreach

  • The USC Annenberg Office of Communication and Marketing sends out a weekly events newsletter to faculty, staff and students every Monday morning during the school year containing all events for the coming week. All events that appear on the USC Annenberg website will be listed in this event newsletter.
    • In order for your event to appear in USC Annenberg’s weekly events newsletter, it must have been submitted and approved by Thursday at noon the week before your proposed event.
  • Event hosts are responsible for all other email outreach. Requests for separate emails sent by the Office of Communication and Marketing to promote a single event will not be permitted.

Event request form

Submit an Event

If you need assistance with your USC Annenberg event, please contact Senior Event Coordinator, Patricia Carvajal at and Special Events Technical Production Coordinator, Jim Yoder at They can help answer any questions about the university event procedures and best practices after you have submitted your event.