Regenerate: Communities for climate justice — An evening of storytelling and art

Wednesday, October 6, 2021

6:30 p.m. PT

USC Fisher Museum of Art (HAR), and Courtyard

Where can we find the strength and inspiration to halt our planet’s climate emergency, the existential crisis of our era? Look no further than South Los Angeles, where communities are fighting back against industrial abuses of the environment and their health, livelihood, and rights.

Presented by an alliance of USC students, artists, local community organizers, and youth activist leaders, this special evening of art, storytelling, and conversation will uplift and celebrate the fight for environmental justice in Los Angeles, including University Park.

Speakers will include environmental justice activist Nalleli Cobo (the youngest recipient of the Anagnos Culture of Liberation Award and “considered among the world’s most influential people in climate policy” by the Center for the Study of Political Graphics), Jill Johnston, Director of Community Engagement in the Division of Environmental Health at the USC Keck School of Medicine, and leaders from the People Not Pozos (People Not Oil) campaign.

In addition, the USC Arts & Climate Collective of student artists and creators and Colin Maclay, executive director of the Annenberg Innovation Lab, will showcase short films, podcasts, and visual art that explore local and national stories of sustainability and environmental justice.

Tables with project art and resources for taking action, including how USC students can apply for funding from the Arts & Climate Collective, will be presented before the event and at the reception to follow.