Mediascape featuring Evan Leaphart, founder of Kredit Academy and co-founder of Black Men Talk Tech

Monday, May 20, 2024

6 p.m. 7 p.m. PT


Join Mediascape as we speak with Evan Leaphart. As the creator of Kredit Academy, Leaphart is serious about teaching youth and their families to have honest conversations about credit. He combines a passion for financial literacy and innovation with a commitment to solving real problems that help the community around him. Leaphart encourages youth to follow their dreams and pursue their passions to create great careers rather than jobs that make every day feel like work.

Leaphart is also the co-founder of Black Men Talk Tech, which is an entrepreneurship collective that promotes collaboration between Black men and other members of the tech ecosystem. Black Men Talk Tech’s mission is to create a cycle of access, insights, capital, and inclusion for Black men in tech. The company delivers social and economic impact, high quality, and substantive content.

Leaphart is focused on sharing all of his knowledge about tech, finance, and entrepreneurship with the next generation.