Alix Spector Lipson - Annenberg Student Spotlight

January 2016 Student Spotlight - Alix Spector Lipson

Full Name: Alix Spector Lipson 

What is your hometown? San Francisco, CA

What is your favorite thing about your hometown? I think San Francisco is a truly beautiful city. I love how one minute you can be immersed in fog, unable to see 10 feet ahead of you, and twenty minutes later, you can be basking in 70-degree sunshine. I also appreciate San Francisco’s forward-thinking nature – I’m so proud to call the first city in the US to ban plastic bags my home sweet home!  

What is your major? Communication

What is your minor (if any)? Entrepreneurship

What is your expected graduation date? May 2016

Why did you choose to attend Annenberg? 
I couldn’t be happier with my decision to transfer into Annenberg from Dornsife – I have taken numerous intriguing classes, met so many incredible teachers, and have formed the most invaluable relationships with mentors. I was undecided when I started USC, and had no clue what I wanted my major to be; however, the second I stepped foot into Annenberg and became more familiar with the school, I knew I was in the right place. I loved the sound of the classes offered, and how everything learned in class could be applied to real-life scenarios. The overall classroom size greatly appealed to me, in addition to the impressive reputations of the teachers. At the time of my decision, Annenberg Hall had not yet been built; looking back on it, I know I really lucked out in terms of the incredible building I get to take my classes in!

Tell us about a great experience or opportunity you've had here at Annenberg? 
After a summer away from USC, I loved walking into Annenberg’s new building – it was bustling with students from all over campus who were admiring the architecture and the state-of-the-art facilities. Moments like these happen more often than not, when I realize how truly proud I am to call Annenberg my “home”. I also had a great time getting involved in Annenberg’s honor society, Lambda Pi Eta. I was the Event Chair last year, and thoroughly enjoyed the events I was able to host and the people I met along the way.

What makes Annenberg special? 
Annenberg is full of people who care. I remember on orientation day, I was freaking out because my class schedule was so up in the air and nothing seemed to be working out. Just when I thought my first semester at USC would be a disaster, Cindy Martinez, the Director of Advising and Academic Services, came to my rescue; not only did she calm me down and quell all of my nerves, she also fixed the problem in about a minute and a half. Ever since that moment, I have been bothering Cindy with the craziest questions during the most stressful times. She also puts up with me when I just want to swing by and say hello. I feel as though I can always come to her for advice, and she will always suggest the best solutions. People like Cindy make Annenberg special, and that’s what I love so much about it.

What's one thing at USC that no student should miss? 
Other than the 90… ☺ I would suggest focusing on the special relationships that one can form with students, teachers, and advisors. It’s incredible how much you can learn from the people around you, and what fascinating lessons you can take away. I would also stress the importance of attending the constant networking opportunities that USC provides its students with – you never know who you may meet!

Tell us about an experience you’ve had outside of class (an internship, research project, publication, start-up, etc.). 
One of my favorite classes I’ve taken at Annenberg is Dr. Stacy Smith’s COMM 203. To this day, I find myself thinking about what I learned in that class. I became so interested in what Dr. Smith taught, that I applied to work on one of her research projects the following semester. I ended up coding French movies, and in the process, learned so much about the inequalities with regards to women in film.

How does your major (and minor) fit into your life's plan?
With a Communication major and an Entrepreneurial minor, I feel as though the world is my oyster. As cheesy as that may sound, I really do believe that USC has equipped me with the essential tools I need to go into many different work fields. I chose Communication because I feel as though it is something that can be applied to any career path I choose, in addition to every aspect of my life. My Entrepreneurship minor provides me with the opportunity to create something that will (hopefully!) one day help change society for the better.

What's your favorite spot on campus and why?
I really like sitting outside Moreton Fig when it’s sunny out (ie: every day of the year in wonderful Los Angeles). It can be really relaxing and a great place to catch up with friends.

What advice do you have for incoming students?
Take every opportunity you come across – whether it’s signing up for clubs, participating in networking opportunities, attending lunches, volunteering for student groups – you can’t go wrong. Don’t be afraid to try new things and to step outside of your comfort zone. I would also suggest going to a teacher’s office hours, as it gives you an opportunity to get to know your teacher better.