International Communication Studies (ICS)

Applications for the Summer 2023 International Communication Studies program are now closed.


The International Communication Studies (ICS) program is one of Annenberg’s most dynamic and prestigious study abroad programs, allowing students to travel across Europe and meet with esteemed international media companies. In this 5-week course, students immerse themselves and intensively study a diverse range of approaches to public communication and media across Europe. The goal of the program is to provide an integrated learning environment and a hands-on approach to navigating the international media and communications landscape. Check out our AIP blog to read students' experiences from previous years, and watch the ICS 50th Anniversary Video.   


Students divide the program into stays in London, Paris and Madrid (with the first few days spent at USC). In addition to regular class meetings, students discuss the interplay of current world issues and international media practices with communication practitioners from international news and public relations media, government institutions, private industry and global organizations.  Examples of past visits include Sky News in London, Disneyland Paris, OECD, New York Times International and more.


Students enroll in a 4-unit course cross-listed as COMM/JOUR 482: Comparative Media in Europe. Journalism and Public Relations majors may earn four credits toward their journalism elective requirements; Communication majors may also earn four credits toward their communication major elective requirements. As a cross-listed JOUR/COMM course, this course will not satisfy the COMM major 400-level requirement; however, students may petition this with the School of Communication. Petitions will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis. The Summer 2023 program is only open to all USC undergraduate students.


Students stay in double occupancy rooms in apartments and hotels depending on the city and availability.

Program Dates*

May 30 - June 25, 2023

  • May 30 - 31: Pre-departure and class in Los Angeles
  • June 1: Prep Day, No Class
  • June 2 - 3: Depart U.S. and Arrive in London
  • June 3 - 12: London
  • June 12 - June 19: Paris
  • June 19 - June 25: Madrid
  • June 25: Program ends, depart from Madrid

*Dates subject to changes


Students must have a minimum cumulative USC GPA of 3.0 and demonstrate a preparedness to contribute to the dynamic of a small study group, as well as the ability to successfully complete the intensive coursework for this program. All USC students may apply as soon as the summer after their freshman year at USC.

Estimated Costs 

Dates and estimated costs for Summer 2023 are not yet confirmed. Please see the estimated budget as an example. Please note that these costs are subject to change without notice:

• Tuition: $8,140

• Housing: $2,000

• USC Overseas Health Insurance*: $107/mo 

• Round Trip Airfare + Travel in Europe: $3,000

• Personal Expenses (food, entertainment, weekend travel, etc.): $2,800

TOTAL: $16,047

*USC Overseas Health Insurance is required on all USC-approved study abroad programs. If a student is already enrolled in USC (domestic) Health Insurance there will be no additional charge for USC Overseas Health Insurance; students will be charged the domestic, on-campus rate.  If a student is normally covered otherwise and waives out of USC Health Insurance on campus, students will be charged USC Overseas Health Insurance at a rate of $107/month (noted above).

Scholarship Opportunities

Students may apply for the Bill Faith Endowed Scholarship for this program. Application coming soon.