Annenberg London Spring Semester

Applications for Spring 2024 are now closed.

The Annenberg study abroad program in London was one of my most defining college experiences and helped me gain a better world view. I loved exploring London as a city through its eclectic food markets and interesting architecture. Annenberg also made it so easy for us to adapt and act like locals, traveling around the city’s different boroughs." - London Participant, 2018

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London is a thriving global city, continuing to push boundaries in global politics and world markets. As it transitions into a post-Brexit reality, the relevance of communication, media, and politics is unparalleled. As such, USC has partnered with Accent Global Learning and created a unique program with carefully tailored courses specifically designed for communication, journalism, and public relations majors. Students live in central London and attend courses led by British faculty taught at the Accent Study Center in Bloomsbury. The Annenberg London program provides a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to use this global metropolis as its classroom and experience the cutting edge in global communication and media.

Program Dates: January 3, 2024 - May 5, 2024 (Depart U.S. January 2)
Spring Break:  March 10 - March 17, 2024

UK National Holidays:
March 29, Good Friday
April 1, Easter Monday

Students take the following courses taught by local faculty at the Accent Center in central London:

  • COMM 364 Comparative Media: US and the UK
    • Focus on the history and evolution of three key topics of media develop­ment and their social significance: the press, television/cinema, and the music industry
  • COMM 365 The Rhetoric of London
    • Examination of the modern city as a communicative text with London as the case study
  • COMM 366 Designing Media & Communication Projects for Social Change
    • Hands-on approach to learning how to design effective media and communication projects for social change and behavior change
  • COMM 384 Interpreting Popular Culture
    • Utilize theory and case studies to view popular culture as an indicator of cultural values, a producer and reflection of cultural meaning, and a means of communication
  • JOUR 467 Gender and the News Media
    • Stimulate critical thinking and increase media literacy about news and gender issues exploring key theoretical concepts, historical milestones and contemporary issues facing female and male journalists.
  • PR 410 London Calling: Public Relations in the UK Hub
    • Analyze the UK media landscape and its political influence and affiliations, from the BBC to regional press.

*Courses may be subject to change

Academic Units & Credit
All students are required to enroll in a full course load of 16 units.

  • COMM students will be able to earn 16 units of upper-division major elective credit.
  • JOUR & PR students will be able to earn 8-12 units of upper-division major elective credit; the remaining 4-8 units taken will be general elective credits.  

Students must take courses for a letter grade, pass/no pass is not an option. Letter grades will appear on their USC transcript and impact their GPA. 

Program Highlights

  • Organized excursions including high tea, theatre productions, guest lectures, and museum visits
  • Access to USC Global London Office and the extensive Trojan Family abroad via the USC Alumni Club in London 
  • Professional Development Opportunities
  • Optional day or weekend trips to places like Bath & Stonehenge, Oxford, and Hampton Court Palace

Students live in self-contained multi-bedroom apartments located in central London, a short commute/walk (30-35 mins) from the Accent Center. Apartments consist of a fully equipped kitchen and shared bedrooms and bathrooms. All bed linens, bath linens, and kitchenware will be supplied to the students in their London apartments. Students live with other Annenberg participants. 

This program is only open to Annenberg majors. Students must have a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0.

Additional Academic Requirements

  • COMM majors must have sophomore standing and have completed two Theoretical and Foundational courses at the time of application (or one completed and one in progress).
  • JOUR majors must have junior standing and have completed JOUR 307 and JOUR 320 before the start of the program.
  • PR majors must have junior standing and have completed PR 351A before the start of the program.

Estimated Costs 
Please see the detailed estimated program costs below for Spring 2024. Each semester Annenberg International Programs provides an up-to-date cost sheet to admitted students; if there are any changes from the time students are admitted to a program to the time they leave for a study abroad semester, updated cost sheets will be sent to the students. Please note that these costs are subject to change without notice: 

Tuition: $33,320 (USC semester tuition cost)
Program Fees: $2,000
Housing: $8,106 (due to study abroad provider on September 28, 2023)
USC Overseas Health Insurance*: $535
Round Trip Airfare: $1,500
Personal Expenses (food, entertainment, weekend travel, etc.): $7,900
Additional Expenses (books and supplies, international student identity card, US Passport): $330
TOTAL: $53,683 

Please note, payment for housing is due approximately one month after acceptance into the London program. 

Financial aid and tuition remission apply. Contact AIP for more information on financial aid and scholarships.

*USC Overseas Health Insurance is required on all USC-approved study abroad programs. If a student is already enrolled in USC (domestic) Health Insurance there will be no additional charge for USC Overseas Health Insurance; students will be charged the domestic, on-campus rate (noted above). If a student is normally covered otherwise and waives out of USC Health Insurance on campus, students will be charged USC Overseas Health Insurance at a rate of $107/month (2023-2024 rate).