USC Annenberg Fall 2020 courses by degree program, course prefix and modality


  • Hybrid/Flex Modality: courses that offer an in-person academic experience alongside online accessibility. 
  • Online Only Modality: courses delivered without any in-person instructional experience. 
  • Both Modalities: courses that have multiple class sections that will use either Hybrid/Flex or Online Only

Please note that this list is subject to change.

Undergraduate Communication (COMM)

COMM-200 Communication and Social Science Online only
COMM-204 Public Speaking Online only
COMM-205x Communication Practicum Online only
COMM-206 Communication and Culture Online only
COMM-209 Communication and Media Economics Online only
COMM-301Lg Empirical Research in Communication Online only
COMM-304 Interpersonal Communication Online only
COMM-305 Understanding Social Science Research Online only
COMM-307 Sound Clash: Popular Music and American Culture Online only
COMM-309 Communication and Technology Online only
COMM-311 Rhetoric and the Public Sphere Online only
COMM-313 Communication and Mass Media Online only
COMM-315 Health Communication Online only
COMM-320 Small Group and Team Communication Online only
COMM-321 Communication and Social Media Online only
COMM-322 Argumentation and Advocacy Both modalities
by section
COMM-324mw Intercultural Communication Online only
COMM-339 Communication Technology and Culture Online only
COMM-355 Advertising and Communication Online only
COMM-366 Designing Media and Communication Projects for Social Change Online only
COMM-371 Media Censorship and the Law Online only
COMM-375 Business and Professional Communication Online only
COMM-381 Issues in Contemporary Sport Online only
COMM-383m Sports, Communication and Culture Online only
COMM-384 Interpreting Popular Culture Online only
COMM-385 Organizational Communication Online only
COMM-387 Sports and Social Change Online only
COMM-395m Gender, Media and Communication Online only
COMM-400 Studying Internet Culture Online only
COMM-400 Writing Across Practice and Industry Online only
COMM-402 Public Communication Campaigns Online only
COMM-412 Communication and Social Movements Hybrid/Flex
COMM-430 Global Entertainment Online only
COMM-431 Global Strategy for the Communications Industry Online only
COMM-432 American Media and Entertainment Industries Online only
COMM-444 Critical Theories of Sport Online only
COMM-450 Visual Culture and Communication Online only
COMM-454 Media, Money, and Society Online only
COMM-458m Race and Ethnicity in Entertainment and the Arts Online only
COMM-465m Gender in Media Industries and Products Online only
COMM-487 Communication and Global Organizations Online only
COMM-489 Campaign Communication Online only
COMM-495 Honors Seminar Online only
COMM-498 Ethical Issues in Entertainment and Communication Online only
COMM-499 Tourism, Culture, and Communication Online only

Graduate Communication (COMM)

COMM-502 Theoretical Approaches to Multidisciplinary Design Projects Online only
COMM-520 The Rhetoric of the Presidential Campaign Trail Online only
COMM-525 Humanistic and Social Scientific Approaches to Human Communication I Online only
COMM-552 Qualitative Research Methods in Communication Data Science for Communication and Social Online only
COMM-553 Global Internet Governance Hybrid/Flex
COMM-557 Data Science for Communication and Social Networks Online only
COMM-580 Media and Politics Online only
COMM-585 Organizational Communication Online only
COMM-620 Introduction to Science & Technology Studies Hybrid/Flex
COMM-645 Communication Networks Online only
COMM-649 Methodologies in Cultural Studies Online only
COMM-650 Survey Construction and Validation Hybrid/Flex
COMM-654 Art, Artists and Society Online only
COMM-656 Theorizing Race, Culture, Cross-Cultural Exchange Online only
COMM-662 Video Games Research Hybrid/Flex
COMM-673 Public Intellectuals Online only

Communication Management (CMGT)

CMGT-502 Strategic Corporate Communication Online only
CMGT-505 Communication in Work Settings Hybrid/Flex
CMGT-506 Images and Image Management Online only
CMGT-507 Information Management Online only
CMGT-510 Communication, Values, Attitudes and Behavior Hybrid/Flex
CMGT-514 Analytical Tools for Communication Decisions Hybrid/Flex
CMGT-515 Innovation and the Information Economy Hybrid/Flex
CMGT-528 Web Strategies for Organizations Online only
CMGT-531 Communication and the International Economy Hybrid/Flex
CMGT-537 The Industry, Science and Culture of Video Games Hybrid/Flex
CMGT-540 Uses of Communication Research Online only
CMGT-541 Integrated Communication Strategies Online only
CMGT-544 Creating Organizational Identity: Meaning Through Messages Hybrid/Flex
CMGT-551 Communicating Entertainment Media Identities Hybrid/Flex
CMGT-552 Visual Storytelling: Production, Management and Culture Online only
CMGT-553 Marketing Communication Theory and Application Hybrid/Flex
CMGT-554 Copywriting and Creativity Hybrid/Flex
CMGT-555 Online Marketing Communication Development and Analysis Online only
CMGT-556 Global Marketing Communication Online only
CMGT-559 Global Hollywood Online only
CMGT-568 Influencer Strategies Online only
CMGT-580 Chinese Media and Society Hybrid/Flex
CMGT-583 Social Marketing and Entertainment Education Online only
CMGT-597a Communication Research Practicum Hybrid/Flex

Digital Social Media (DSM)

DSM-510 Introduction to Digital Social Media Online Only
DSM-520 Managing Technologies for Digital Media Online Only
DSM-596 Final Project Capstone Hybrid/Flex

Undergraduate Public Diplomacy (PUBD)

PUBD-369w Public Diplomacy and Global Citizenship Online Only
PUBD-419 Public Diplomacy in Los Angeles Online Only

Graduate Public Diplomacy (PUBD)

PUBD-502 Historical and Comparative Approaches to Public Diplomacy Online Only
PUBD-518 International Exchanges and Public Diplomacy Online Only

Across Annenberg Undergraduate (ASCJ)

ASCJ-200 Navigating Media and News in the Digital Age Online Only
ASCJ-210 Contours of Change in Media and Communication Online Only
ASCJ-420 The World of Podcasting Online Only

Undergraduate Journalism (JOUR)

JOUR-200w The Power and Responsibility of the Press Online only
JOUR-201 Culture of Journalism: Past, Present and Future Online only
JOUR-205 Journalism Practicum Online only
JOUR-206 Reporting and Writing Practicum—live production Hybrid/Flex
JOUR-206 Reporting and Writing Practicum—community reporting Online only
JOUR-207 Reporting and Writing I Online only
JOUR-210x Basics of News Production for Non-Majors Hybrid/Flex
JOUR-300 Journalism and Society Hybrid/Flex
JOUR-307 Reporting and Writing II Hybrid/Flex
JOUR-320 Introduction to Coding for Storytelling Online only
JOUR-321 Visual Journalism Online only
JOUR-322 Introduction to Investigative and Data Journalism Online only
JOUR-323 Journalism and the Audience Online only
JOUR-330 Photojournalism Online only
JOUR-350 Introduction to Sports Media Hybrid/Flex
JOUR-372 Engaging Diverse Communities Online only
JOUR-380 Sports, Business and Media in Today's Society Online only
JOUR-381 Entertainment, Business and Media in Today's Society Online only
JOUR-402 Advanced Video Reporting Hybrid/Flex
JOUR-403 Television News and Sports Production Hybrid/Flex
JOUR-404 Produce and Host Sports Content in Studio A Hybrid/Flex
JOUR-405 Non-Fiction Television Hybrid/Flex
JOUR-406 Social Media Storytelling for Latinx Audiences Online only
JOUR-408 Advanced Media Law Online only
JOUR-411 Broadcast and Digital Writing for Video and Audio for Non-Majors Online only
JOUR-414 Advanced Digital Media Storytelling Online only
JOUR-432 Sports Commentary Online only
JOUR-441 Sports Reporting Hybrid/Flex
JOUR-446 Entertainment Reporting Online only
JOUR-447 Arts Reporting Online only
JOUR-458 Media, Food and Culture Online only
JOUR-462 Law of Mass Communication Online only
JOUR-475 Print and Digital Design for 21st Century Storytelling Online only
JOUR-478 Politics of Sports Writing Online only
JOUR-489 Hands-on Disruption: Experimenting with Emerging Technology Online only
JOUR-492 Advanced Coding for Storytelling Online only

Graduate Journalism (JOUR)

JOUR-505 The Practice: Journalism's Evolution as a Profession Online only
JOUR-510 Special Assignment Reporting: Sports Hybrid/Flex
JOUR-510 Special Assignment Reporting: Arts, Culture, Entertainment Hybrid/Flex
JOUR-510 Special Assignment Reporting: Science, Environment and Technology Hybrid/Flex
JOUR-510 Special Assignment Reporting: Health and Medical Reporting Online only
JOUR-521 Documentary Pre-Production Hybrid/Flex
JOUR-523 Public Radio Reporting Online only
JOUR-528 Summer Digital Journalism Immersion Hybrid/Flex
JOUR-531L Fall Digital Journalism Immersion Hybrid/Flex
JOUR-539 Introduction to Investigative Reporting Hybrid/Flex
JOUR-546 News, Numbers and Introduction to Data Journalism Online only
JOUR-547 Navigating the Media Marketplace Online only
JOUR-552 Television Reporting and Production Hybrid/Flex
JOUR-553 Coding and Programming for Storytelling Hybrid/Flex
JOUR-554 Reporting with Data Online only
JOUR-560 Seminar in Mass Communication Law Both modalities
by section
JOUR-567 The Power of Narrative Online only
JOUR-568 The Art of (Micro) Food Journalism: Los Angeles and California Online only
JOUR-571 21st Century Sports Storytelling Hybrid/Flex
JOUR-579 Journalism Internship Online only
JOUR-584 Specialized Reporting: Education, Youth and Learning Hybrid/Flex
JOUR-592 Arts Journalism: Storytelling and Production Online only

Undergraduate Public Relations (PR)

PR-209 Effective Writing for Strategic Public Relations Hybrid/Flex
PR-250 Strategic Public Relations: An Introduction Online only
PR-340 Introduction to Advertising Online only 
PR-341 Advertising Copywriting Online only
PR-342 Advertising Media and Analysis Online only
PR-351a Strategic Public Relations Media and Content Hybrid/Flex
PR-351b Strategic Public Relations Media and Content Hybrid/Flex
PR-352 Public Relations Media and Content for Non-Majors Hybrid/Flex
PR-428 Social, Legal and Ethical Foundations of Public Relations Online only
PR-429 Business and Economic Foundations of Public Relations Online only
PR-444 Lifestyle Public Relations Hybrid/Flex
PR-450 Advanced Strategic Public Relations Online only
PR-452 Public Relations in Entertainment Online only
PR-454 Sports Public Relations Online only
PR-455 Public Relations for Non-Profit Organizations Online only
PR-458 Public Relations in Politics and Political Campaigns Online only
PR-463 Strategic Public Relations Research, Analysis and Insights Online only
PR-478 Social Media Analytics: Data and Content Creation for Real-time Public Relations Hybrid/Flex
PR-486 Multimedia PR Content: Introduction to Digital Design Tools Online only
PR-487 Multimedia PR Content: Introduction to Audio/Video Tools Online only
PR-488 Multimedia PR Content: Visual Communication of Information Online only

Graduate Public Relations (PR)

PR-501 Advocacy Communications Hybrid/Flex
PR-508 Public Relations and Advertising Fundamentals and Strategy Both modalities
by section
PR-522 Storytelling with Data Intelligence Both modalities
by section
PR-524 Multimedia Content Creation for Brand Storytelling I Hybrid/Flex
PR-535 Persuasive Writing Hybrid/Flex
PR-536 Digital, Social and Mass Media Public Relations Strategies Hybrid/Flex
PR-537 Public Relations and Branding Hybrid/Flex
PR-538 Image Management in Entertainment Hybrid/Flex
PR-561 Principles of Public Relations Online only
PR-565 Corporate Public Relations and Reputation Online only
PR-598 Improvisational Leadership Hybrid/Flex
PR-599 Digital Strategy Transformation in the Communication and Media Sectors Hybrid/Flex
PR-599 Fundamentals of Advertising Hybrid/Flex