Bill Faith Endowed Scholarships

Thanks to gracious donations from the USC/International Communication Studies alumni communities, the Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism has created a fantastic scholarship opportunity for students admitted into the International Communication Studies program. The scholarship honors Dr. Bill Faith, who served as the International Communication Studies faculty director for 30 years.

Scholarship amounts differ from year to year; they usually range from $1,000-$3,000. 

Only students who are admitted into the International Communication Studies Europe program will be eligible for the scholarship. Students must demonstrate financial need in order to be selected.

To apply for the Bill Faith Endowed Scholarship, please prepare the following materials. Submission instructions will be given to ICS participants upon acceptance into the program.

  • A printout of your 2022-2023 financial aid package. (Make sure to write your name at the top of every page.)
  • A one-page essay that addresses this question: Please explain why receiving the Bill Faith Endowed Scholarship is important for you and for your participation in the International Communication Studies program.  

More information will be provided to students selected for the ICS program. 

Brittnie Marcel, Communication - 2012
Regina Hernandez, Public Relations, minor in Entrepreneurship - 2013
Samantha Goldberg, Communication and Business Administration, minor in Marketing - 2014
Princeton Parker, Communication, minor in Organizational Leadership and Management - 2014
Andressa DiLoreto, Public Relations, minor in Communication and the Entertainment Industry - 2015
Natasha Fletes, Communication, minor in Marketing - 2015
Hannah De Alicante, Communication, minor in Entertainment Industry - 2017 
Caroline Gay, Communication, minor in International Relations - 2017
Charlene Lam, Public Relations and East Asian Languages and Cultures-2018
Manda Bwerevu, Communication and Philosophy, Politics and Law-2018
Alexis Davis, Public Relations, minor in Marketing- 2018

Questions regarding the Bill Faith Endowed Scholarship and/or the application should be emailed to Annenberg International Programs.