Spring 2021 JOUR/PR D-Clearance Process

All courses (JOUR, PREL, COMM, ASCJ): 

If a course is open registration “R” and has space available, please register online via Web Registration.

Open Communication Courses “R” – Spaces Available:

COMM courses will remain open registration “R” through the second week of the semester and will require D-clearance starting the third week of the semester.  If a course is open registration “R” and has space available, please register via online Web Registration.   

Open Journalism and Public Relations Courses “R” – Spaces Available: 

If a journalism or public relations course is open “R” and has space available, please register via online Web Registration. All Journalism and Public Relations courses will require D-clearance starting the second week of the semester. Students will not be able to add courses with pre-requisites and that are not open to non-majors. Please contact your major advisor if you have questions or need help configuring your schedule.

JOUR, PREL & ASCJ Courses – Requires D-clearance

D-clearances will be issued based on program, class standing and graduation date first, and then on a first-come, first-served basis. Submitting this form does not issue D-clearance, nor does it guarantee that you will receive D-clearances for your first choice.


Please check online on Web Registration > My Info > Cleared Sections for your approved d-clearance sections every Wednesday and Friday beginning on 10/21/20. D-Clearances will expire on November 30. If you have a HOLD on your account and need an extension, please contact your advisor as soon as possible.


If you receive clearance, you are responsible for registering for the course on Web Registration. Annenberg Advisement cannot add or drop courses for you.

Follow these steps to attempt to add a course it is closed or requires D-clearance: 

  1. Locate the professor’s email using the faculty/staff directory (can be found in MyUSC or here).
  2. Send the professor your add request via email.
  3. Use your USC email address.
  4. Include your full legal name, USC ID number and the specific section five-digit section number of the course you’d like to add. 
  5. The professor will review your request and will forward it on to the appropriate USC Annenberg Department for processing.
  6. Check your USC email address for the response. You should receive a response 24-48 hours after the request has been received.