Lauren Jade Arnold is a qualitative, critical researcher who focuses primarily on African American Language, treatments of Blackness in America, mental illness in communities of color, and the intersections between different marginalized identities. Jade is particularly interested in the commodification of Blackness that has been amplified by corporate responses to the 2020 Black Lives Matter protests as well as in the appropriation of African American Language.

Jade holds a B.A. in Communication and English from the University of Colorado, Boulder where she also received her M.F.A. in Creative Writing for fiction as a Center for Humanities Arts & Sciences fellow. Her creative work can be found in The Denver Post, the Museum of Boulder, and elsewhere and has been awarded the Hurston/Wright Foundation Black College Writers 2022 Award. She has also presented at the 2021 International Communication Association Conference as Top Student Paper for the Language & Social Interaction division.

Jade is passionate about combining the personal with the academic and pooling her experiences into written word. Her first love will always be all things music—soul, R&B, folk, jazz, funk, classical, hip hop—cinema, and storytelling.