Caitlin Joy Dobson is a Ph.D. student at the Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism. Her current research focuses onintersectionality studies, gender and sexuality studies, and power-based violence. Under the umbrella of sexual violence she is specifically interested in the issue of multiple perpetrator rape on a global scale, through a comparative, transnational, decolonial, intersectional lens. Through an interdisciplinary lens Caitlin's work focuses on issues of sexual violence which concern synergistic opportunities between communication, media studies, cultural studies, sociology, masculinities studies, public health, forensic psychology, and international human rights law and policy. Grounded in a wide range of international experience, a background in public diplomacy, a decade of professional experience working in travel, as well as the human rights nonprofit world, currently Caitlin works, volunteers, and conducts ethnographic research throughout multiple organizations, whose layers of expertise address domestic violence and sexual violence.

Her current and future research call for a mixed methods approach, from participant observation and depth interviewing to survey, network analysis, and archival research. Her work has been shared through the International Communication Association conference, the National Communication Association conference, the International Intersectionality conference, the Critical Mediations conference, the Annenberg Graduate Fellowship Research and Creative Project Symposium, and the National Women's Studies Association conference. She is active in the creation of multiple collaborative endeavors on campus, working to connect the shared interests of peers, colleagues, students, faculty, staff, and community partners. The breadth of Caitlin's intellectual interests includes, critical theories of race and culture, media representation as it relates to rape culture, bridging divides between feminist theory and queer theory, masculinities studies, critical whiteness studies as it pertains to popular feminism, white feminism, generational feminist divides, tokenism, cultural appropriation, and most importantly, theories of power. Please feel free to connect with Caitlin at or on Twitter @caitjoydobson.