Caroline Leach

Founder of The Carrelle Company; Communication Management (MCG) alumna; Alumni Advisory Board Member

Caroline Leach was a marketing and communications executive at Fortune 100 companies in the technology and media industries before starting her own company. Her background includes corporate communications, marketing analytics, brand management, digital marketing, social media, corporate social responsibility, and diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Her work directly contributed to top customer satisfaction rates in the pay-TV industry and a corporate reputation as a best place to work and a good corporate citizen. She served on the integration planning team for a $50-billion acquisition in tech and media. She led efforts to improve how women and other groups are portrayed in ads and media, through targeted measurement and the design of an inclusion playbook for content creators.

Now an entrepreneur, Leach founded The Carrelle Company to provide digital marketing, personal branding, and executive coaching services to professionals and companies.

She received her MCG in communication management from USC and her BA in economics from UCLA.

She has served as the chair of the Annenberg Alumni Advisory Board and as an executive committee member of the Board of Governors for the USC Alumni Association.