PhD student Pamela Perrimon

Pamela Perrimon

All But Dissertation

Pamela Perrimon studies how communities engage with living in the Sixth Great Extinction. Her work focuses on the ways extinction narratives crop up in public life and what latent anxieties undergird those narratives, which species are worthy of remembrance, and how are they mobilized-symbolically and materially-in public space. Currently she is writing on cases centering around de-extinction, cryptic species, crypt-id species, and taxidermy. She is also interested in questions of scientific literacy, public science, and nonhuman public figures.

She previously received an MA/MSc from the global communication program at USC and the London School of Economics where she conducted research of scientific storytelling. Perrimon also has an anthropology focused MA in the social sciences from the University of Chicago and a BA in anthropology and theatre from Fairfield University.

Prior to joining the USC Annenberg doctoral community, she worked in scientific environmental education at The Longest Swim and the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County. She is certified as a California Naturalist.