Study Abroad


These programs provide students with the opportunity to enhance cross-cultural sensitivity and understanding while earning academic credits toward their USC degree. Undergraduate students have opportunities to study abroad for a summer, fall or spring semester or full year. Graduate students pursuing their Master’s degree in Journalism, Strategic Public Relations, and Communication Management have the opportunity for an exciting, dynamic summer internship abroad.

Undergraduate Opportunities

As an undergraduate student, you may choose from a variety of semester, full year or summer international programs. Past programs have included study in Amsterdam, London, Hong Kong, New Zealand and more. All programs award USC upper division credit and USC financial aid can be applied towards the costs of our programs.

Graduate Opportunities

As a graduate student in Journalism, Strategic Public Relations and Communication Management, you may choose between four program destinations: Cape Town, South Africa; Shanghai, China; Hong Kong, China; and London, United Kingdom. Internships are typically eight weeks long and unpaid.

During the summer internship, you enroll in a three-unit course taught by local faculty.

International Communication Studies (ICS)

The International Communication Studies (ICS) program allows communication, journalism and public relations students to study a range of approaches to public communication media across Europe or China.


ICS Europe
The International Communication Studies program in Europe is a five-week course into week-long stays in Los Angeles, London, Paris, Prague and Istanbul during the summer term. Students discuss the interplay of current world issues and international media practices in each of these international cities.


ICS China
The International Communication Studies program in China allows you to study approaches to public communication media across three major cities in China during the summer term. After the first week spent at USC researching and preparing for the experience, you divide the weeks into distinct stays in Hong Kong, Shanghai, Beijing with an excursion to Shenzhen. In addition to regular class meetings, you attend lectures given by leading Chinese communication scholars and engage in dialogue with Chinese students.