Frequently Asked Questions

WLS membership is open to all majors. All students interested in careers at the intersection of technology, media, and entertainment are encouraged to apply.  

Is membership selective?

The WLS application process is highly competitive. Moreover, while all majors are welcome to apply, priority for admission is given to (i) registrants in the Media, Economics and Entrepreneurship program, and (ii) USC Annenberg students. 

How large is the WLS?
WLS caps membership at 75 students. 
Are all events for members-only?
In addition to members-only events, the WLS also hosts public events that are open to the campus-wide community. 
How can I get involved?

We expect and demand consistent engagement from our members. The more involved you get in WLS by networking, participating and attending programs and events, the more you’ll get out of your membership. You can expand your leadership skills by serving on a sub-committee. In addition, you can get involved by recruiting your peers to apply for membership.