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David Craig
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ASC 321A

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David Craig




Media Industries/Production Studies
Entertainment Theory
and Activism
LGBT Media Studies

Professor Craig teaches numerous courses in traditional and digital media and entertainment management in the Master of Communication Management (MCM) program.  His research interests include media industries and production studies, LGBT media studies, digital and transmedia entertainment, theory, practice and pedagogy. He has spoken on numerous panels including Transforming Hollywood 5, Silicon Beach LA, and E2: The Evolution of Entertainment Conference and appeared on numerous press and TV news outlets including Bloomberg TV.  

Professor Craig is also a multiple Emmy Award-nominated producer and former programming executives at A&E and Lifetime Television.  Over the past three decades, he has produced over 30 projects, including 100+ hours of television, that included films, television movies, mini-series, and drama series, web series, graphic novels, and stage productions. He is a producer-partner in Media Nation, a cross-media production company and has sold, developed, and produced multiple projects at Lifetime, ABC, CBS, History, and Sony/Crackle.  His IMDB link is David Craig - IMDb.

He holds a doctorate in Education from UCLA (2014) where he conducted a cultural history of the production and pedagogy of LGBT-themed, made-for-TV movies over the past four decades from That Certain Summer (1972) to The Normal Heart (2014).  His advisors/committee included Douglas Kellner, John Caldwell, and Leah Lievrouw.  In 2004, he earned his Masters in Cinema Studies from NYU.

Course Titles

CMGT 550:  Hollywood 3.0 - Transmedia Production and Crossmedia Management

CMGT 586:  Entertainment Theory, Industry, and Practice (through the lens of digital entertainment)

CMGT 552:  Visual Storytelling - the management of scripted film and tv/web series development, production, marketing, and distribution

CMGT 543:  Communication in the Entertainment Industry - media management in the traditional and digital media industries

CMGT 574:  Tele-media:  Television programming, production, marketing, and research in the Digital Age

CMGT 549:  Case studies in Digital Entertainment:  OVPs, MCNS, and content creators

HOLLYWOOD 101:  a series of workshops for breaking into Hollywood, writing coverage, and conducting fieldwork in the entertainment industries.

TBD:  LGBT MEDIA ACTIVISM AND ADVOCACY (in preparation for an upper-level undergraduate course)