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Dan Birman

Daniel H. Birman is producing a documentary special about legendary aviator, Bob Hoover. The documentary looks at the life of a pilot who has contributed to aviation beginning in WWII and at age 91, is still going strong.  Birman was a contributing producer to Finding the Higgs Boson for NOVA on PBS.  This is a one-hour special about one of the great scientific discoveries in modern times, a tiny particle that explains how the universe was formed. Recently he completed Chasing Speed: Leslie Porterfield for Velocity. This is the story about the world’s fastest woman on a motorcycle. Prior, he produced, Me Facing Life: Cyntoia’s Story for Independent Lens on PBS and was shown as part of the ITVS Community Cinema program.

Journalism professor Dan BirmanBirman wrote, produced, and directed the documentary, Brace for Impact: the Chesley B. Sullenberger Story for TLC and Discovery.  Earlier, Birman produced a one-hour special for National Geographic Channel: Death of the Universe that explores new theories about how the universe will end. He produced, Europa: Mystery of the Ice Moon, a one-hour special for Science Channel about exploring a moon of Jupiter that just might support life; and Medical Maverick – two one-hour shows for Discovery Health that look at the work of a world-class trauma surgeon.  Before that, he produced Alternatives: Uncovered – a series of one-hour programs also for Discovery Health about alternative medicine.

Birman produced medical television with some of the nation’s leading research physicians during a six-year association with Lifetime Medical TelevisionBirman serves on the Board of Governors for the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences representing the Documentary peer group.

Colloquia and Guest Lectures

Speaking Engagements:

Birman is a frequent speaker on panels concerning his documentary, Me Facing Life: Cyntoia’s Story.  He produced a panel with network heads to address, “What is Nonfiction?” at the Television Academy.  He presented his Europa documentary to an international space research organization, and for NASA scientists at The Jet Propulsion Laboratory.  He has presented at a national writer’s conference.  Birman led a panel on journalistic malpractice in reporting healthcare; he has led panels for RealScreen Summit in Washington, D.C., Television Academy nonfiction panels for educators and students entering television, and was a juror at the Shanghai Television Festival as one of five judges of international documentaries at China’s premiere television awards competition.