Selden Ring Award for Investigative Reporting

“Seafood from Slaves” by The Associated Press wins USC Annenberg’s 2016 Selden Ring Award
The Miami Herald’s “Innocents Lost” project wins USC Annenberg’s 2015 Selden Ring Award
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel team wins 2014 USC Annenberg Selden Ring Award
Tampa Bay Times reporter Alexandra Zayas wins USC Annenberg’s 2013 Selden Ring Award

The Selden Ring Award underscores the critical importance of investigative journalism in today's society. The $35,000 prize recognizes published investigative reporting that has brought results. Full-time or freelance reporters working for a general circulation, United States newspaper, wire service, magazine or online publication are eligible for the $35,000 award. Editors, publishers, educators, journalism organizations, and others may make nominations. Submissions are due January 29, 2016.