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LA Times features professor Henry Jenkins and his thoughts on "transmedia storytelling" and "spreadable media"

The Los Angeles Times featured provost's professor of communication, journalism and cinematic arts Henry Jenkins in a Nov. 22 article that explores his expertise in "transmedia storytelling," "spreadable media" and new media literacy.

"Audiences are especially active in what Jenkins dubs 'transmedia' storytelling, in which a story spans multiple media in a coordinated way," according to the article. "In the traditional Hollywood model, the novelization, video game or website simply restates the characters or the plot of a film or a TV show. In transmedia stories, the creators of the entertainment will use those extensions to, say, fill in the gaps in a narrative or look at events from a minor character's point of view — all of which combine into one big story that audiences have to piece together. 'It appeals to the hunting-and-gathering impulses of fans,' Jenkins says."

"I spent the first 20 years of my academic life at MIT in the midst of the digital revolution, and I thought it would be fascinating to spend the second 20 years in Hollywood, observing the other side of the equation," Jenkins told The Times.

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