Taplin is once again "in the right place at the right time"

Adjunct communication professor Jonathan Taplin has had impeccable timing in his music, movie, consulting and academic careers, according to a May 9 MarketWatch column that highlights Taplin's past, present and future successes in different industries.

Taplin's focus on digital media brings his knowledge to the forefront because of the recent flurry of potential media mergers such as News Corp.'s bid to buy Dow Jones and Microsoft's possible teaming with Yahoo Inc.

Taplin is a trusted voice, the column's writer Jon Friedman wrote.

"Beyond the Internet, he can get his students' attention by telling war stories from working with the likes of Bob Dylan, the Band, George Harrison and Martin Scorsese," Friedman said. "You could capture Taplin's optimism and adventurous spirit in the title of the Band's song, Life Is a Carnival."

Taplin said his most valuable advice for students is always to follow their dreams.

"I don't believe that you take a job for life," he said. "My career is more of a journey than a destination."

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