Governor Schwarzenegger appoints Taplin to Broadband Task Force

California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has appointed adjunct communication professor Jonathan Taplin to the California Broadband Task Force, which was established by executive order on October 27, 2006.

The goal of the 21 member task force is to "remove barriers to broadband access, identify opportunities for increased broadband adoption and enable the creation and deployment of new advanced communication technologies."

"California is No. 1 in so many different things, whether it is biotechnology, stem cell research, protecting our environment, creating jobs or our university system. The Golden State must remain competitive in the telecommunication revolution so that we can continue to attract the best, the brightest and the most creative workforce in the world," said Governor Schwarzenegger.

Taplin is a veteran film, television and music producer and founder of Intertainer, the world's first video on demand company. He has taught undergraduate and graduate courses in communication, media, technology, entertainment and society since 2004.

Read the press release from the Office of the Governor