The J585 class questions Indonesia's Minister of Religious Affairs about his drafting of a law to protect religious minority groups and rights organizations.
Photo by Christian Brown

Jour 585: Specialized Reporting on Religion

Each year, JOUR585, Specialized Reporting in Religion takes on a new project. In recent years, classes have explored religion and caste in India; race, ethnicity and religion in Israel, and the rise of secularism in Ireland among other topics. Focusing on narrative and on immersive journalism (classes go on reporting trips over spring break), students do a deep dive into the religion, politics and culture of a society and then develop multi-platform reporting projects that examine issues, ideas and trends. All student work is professionally published and recent partners have included GlobalPost, KPCC, OnBeing and Religion Dispatches. Class stories also have appeared in The Atlantic, Washington Post, Los Angeles Times, Der Spiegel, Christian Science Monitor, Jerusalem Post, Houston Chronicle and the Indian Express.

In 2014, the class went to Mumbai

In 2013, students reported in Dublin and Belfast.

In 2012, Jour 585 visited Delhi.

In 2011, the class reported in Jerusalem, Nazareth and Haifa.

In 2010, students visited Jerusalem, Ramallah, and Tel Aviv.

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