Career Opportunities

There are many career opportunities for students completing the Master of Communication Informatics degree.


How to collect, manage, distribute, and capitalize on social media as a new source is a major challenge for traditional media outlets ranging from newspapers to network and cable news. They’re hungry for individuals who understand new, technology-enabled social communication paradigms and can help translate this knowledge.


There are also career paths within these emerging communication platforms. Many tech companies realize the value in employing experts who understand the human aspects of their products. Communication is now so vital that success and failure of a product are often determined by how well a company communicates with their customers, and how seamlessly the product integrates into existing platforms.


In the corporate world, the need to understand and capitalize on social media is pervasive, and the unique expertise provided by the Master of Communication Informatics program leaves graduates well-positioned to become leaders in the space.


As new technology becomes ubiquitous in society, the role of the informed commentator has become increasingly important in both formal and informal formats.  There is a need for individuals who both understand the basics of communication and have the technology knowledge needed to provide analysis at a meaningful level to the public.