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Lynn Miller

Lynn Miller specializes in interpersonal, intrapersonal, and health communication. She has been Principal Investigator on interdisciplinary HIV-prevention projects totaling over $11.5 million funded by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, National Institutes of Health and other agencies. Her research uses virtual interactive and gaming technologies to study, predict and reduce real-life risky decision-making for high-risk, diverse, community-based populations. The resulting applications are designed to be rapidly diffused (e.g. through DVDs or the Internet). Additional interdisciplinary collaborative work, funded by the Department of Defense, is supporting the development of cognitive architectures for intelligent agents with realistic and "tweakable" personality, communication patterns, and emotion that could "model" individual cases and also be used for a host of training, educational and health communication applications in games and robots. Other work uses computer simulations/computational modeling and evolutionary approaches to understand systematic sex, relationship, reproductive and health outcomes in a changing environment.

Publishing in and reviewing for the top outlets in many fields, she is a sought after speaker/consultant for academic and government sponsored conferences/meetings/panels, and has been the recipient of a variety of awards for research and teaching, including the Gerald R. Miller Early Career Award from the International Network on Interpersonal Relationships, the Provost Fellowship from the Center for Interdisciplinary Research at USC and the Phi Kappa Phi Mentorship Award.

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