What is M{2e}?

Do you want to work in media? Are you curious about the ways in which music is distributed, how video finds its audience, or how news can become a thriving business?
Our minor provides students with the essential business and economic thinking required to succeed in the communications industries. You don’t need to be a business whiz. You just need to be curious.

What happens beyond the classroom?
The M{2e} experience extends far beyond the curriculum. Our program is designed to connect students with some of the most innovative companies in around. In the past we’ve brought companies like Netflix, Facebook and YouTube to Annenberg.

If you are an M{2e} minor, we provide:     

  • Personalized connections with industry leaders who want to meet you.
  • A network of alumni and professional contacts you can call on for advice.
  • Access to internships and opportunities in the industry.

How do I become an M{2e} minor?
If you’ve decided to join our team, speak to your advisor about becoming an M{2e} minor. For more information click here. For any other questions, feel free to contact either of our co-directors: Professor Chris Smith at christhs@usc.edu or Professor Gabriel Kahn at gabriel.kahn@usc.edu. All eligible students for the M{2e} minor must be in good academic standing, have a declared major, and a grade point average of C or better. 

Want to find out more about M{2e}, the courses we offer, our programs and job opportunities?
You can email us at uscm2e@gmail.com with any questions. You can also request to be on our email list to keep apprised of upcoming events and jobs. If you're interested in the minor, ask your academic advisor about signing up.