Photo of Al-Baab Khan

Al-Baab Khan

Project Assistant, Annenberg Inclusion Initiative

Al-Baab Khan received her MS in global medicine, BA in neuroscience, and minor in psychology at USC. During her undergrad, Khan worked as a research assistant at the USC Culture, Diversity, and Psychophysiology lab, where she gained meaningful insight on how interactions with various political, social, and economic cultures influence psychophysiological responses. This experience fostered Khan’s passion to explore how people think and understand ways that the human perspective contributes to popular trends and culture. While completing her master’s, Khan started working at the Annenberg Inclusion Initiative, where she was eager to critically analyze narratives on screen and how they reinforce tropes that are instilled in the real world. Her first contribution was on the Mental Health project, where she brought her expertise of both the mind and the body to capture nuanced portrayals of mental health conditions on screen. Khan’s commitment to exploring and bringing compassion to the anomalies of our minds, along with her experience on this project, allowed her to further appreciate the human condition and the impact it has on the health of the world. 

Now, Khan leads AII’s new research project that aims to investigate the representation of Muslims in popular media, specifically in films and television. Khan’s own experience as a Muslim-immigrant, as well as her understanding of the immense diversity within the Muslim community, privileged her to bring a deeper sense of empathy and importance to the initiative. Khan looks forward to her work with AII and is excited to engage with the scientific and psychological methodologies to help better understand how people are interacting with each other and the future. When Khan is not working on ways to reflect or improve the human connection, she can be found in the kitchen nurturing her love for cooking or avidly watching true-crime documentaries.