Photo of Al-Baab Khan

Al-Baab Khan

Project Assistant, Annenberg Inclusion Initiative

Al-Baab Khan received her MS in global medicine, as well as BA in neuroscience, with a minor in psychology at USC. During her academic track, Khan discovered her passion for people and understanding ways that the human perspective contributes to popular trends and culture. She fostered this passion by working as a graduate student worker at the Annenberg Inclusion Initiative across various projects, including our 2021 Mental Health report. 

In addition to this work, Khan led the Initiative's first faith-based inclusion study on Muslim representation in popular television and films. She oversaw the development of this research and helped frame the groundwork for future projects in this space. Her work has been presented to key stakeholders in the Industry and shared across multiple media platforms.

Khan’s commitment to bringing compassion to different communities on screen is the driving force behind her ongoing work with the Annenberg Inclusion Initiative as the Program Manager for the Mental Health Storytelling Initiative.