Game Face

Thomas Williams first gets his audience riled up with a chant. “Give me one clap. Give me two claps. Give me three claps. Whoo!”

Follow me

Truman Burbank is on his knees digging around in his garden. His rear end is to the camera as his wife, Meryl, dressed in her nurse’s uniform, arrives home on her bike. “Hi, honey,” she says.

Michael Nyman has great expectations

Michael Nyman ’86 was at the top of his game. He successfully merged two prominent marketing and communication firms into the nation’s leading culture and entertainment agency.

Shawna Thomas on taking (the right) risks

When the president of the United States disparages journalists and calls their work “fake news,” how should the Fourth Estate respond?

An app and a carrot

Norma’s family steers clear of vegetables. Even when she receives veggies from her food pantry, she knows only a few ways to prepare them and her family grows bored with the bland tastes and textures.

Not your parents’ film criticism

Film criticism died at the birth of television. At least, that’s what former Time movie critic and editor-in-chief of Film Comment Richard Corliss said in his 1990 column, “All Thumbs: Or, Is There a Future for Film Criticism?”

Global Connections

How a spring break program to Thailand helped prepare students to become more effective global communicators.

Truth in TV

“I’ve always had a love affair with the city of L.A. I was born here, and spent most of my life in the area that I grew up,” said Issa Rae, the creator, writer and star of her own HBO series, Insecure.