Truth Seekers

Celebrating the Class of 2018 with global media leader and Commencement speaker Oprah Winfrey.

Truth About Tech

Examining the impact of digital technology on our mental health, communities and democracy.

A Social Contract for the Social Media Age?

Discussing the importance of data ownership and protection at the Milken Global Conference 2018.

This is How you Change the Status Quo for Women

Interviewing MSNBC news anchor Stephanie Ruhle.

Old Stereotypes, New Media

Interviewing professor Safiya Noble on misinformation on the Internet and social responsibility.

Teen Mental Health

Discussing the mental health needs of children and adolescents with Sec. Hillary Clinton and Dr. Harold S. Koplewicz.

Global Impact

Revealing new research on digital device use in the U.S. and Japan.

This is our moment

Delivering installation remarks as third dean of USC Annenberg.