Auckland, New Zealand

Auckland University of Technology (AUT)

COVID-19 Update: Due to government-mandated travel restrictions in New Zealand, the Spring 2022 Auckland program has been cancelled. 

I loved being in an environment where not many other people go and experiencing a totally different culture” – Former AUT Participant

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The Annenberg Auckland program offers the exciting opportunity to spend a semester living and studying in the adventure capital of the world. In partnership with TEAN (The Education Abroad Network), students study at Auckland University of Technology, a rapidly growing top tier global institution focused on innovation and student-centered learning. Nestled in a growing urban city center, the university is near miles of coastline, and with access to secluded beaches, harbors, parks and marine reserves, this program truly offers the best of both outdoor and urban lifestyles. 

This program is open to all USC Undergraduates who meet eligibility requirements. 

The Spring 2022 program has been cancelled. 

Courses are available in various fields including:

  • Communication Studies
  • Journalism
  • Public Relations & Marketing
  • Advertising & Digital Media
  • Maori Media
  • Culture and Society
  • Business and Leadership

Academic Units & Credit
All students are required to enroll in a full course load of 16 units.

  • COMM & JOUR students will be able to earn 12 units of upper-division major elective credit; the remaining 4 units taken will be general elective credits.
  • PR students will be able to earn 8 units of upper-division major elective credit; the remaining 8 units taken will be general elective credits. 
  • All other USC majors will be able to earn 16 units of general elective credits.  

Students must take courses for a letter grade, pass/no pass is not an option. Courses will transfer into USC as credit/no credit and will have no impact on USC GPA. AUT will issue a separate transcript that students may be required to submit to graduate or professional schools in the future.  

Program Highlights

  • One of the most affordable study abroad programs offered by USC
  • Week-long orientation in Queenstown, the adventure capital of New Zealand
  • AUT’s Communication Studies department offers state-of-the-art media facilities
  • Students enroll in courses alongside local Kiwi students
  • Unique Maori leadership courses provide ample opportunities for cultural immersion into the indigenous culture
  • Organized spring break and weekend trips to New Zealand’s South Island, Melbourne, Australia, Thailand, and Vietnam
  • Social and cultural excursions including day trips, rugby games, coffee breaks, hikes, music festivals, and more!

TEAN provides students with accommodation in Wellesley Student Apartments on campus.  Students will live with local students as well as other international students.  A range of living options is offered to suit most student needs from single-person rooms to six-bedroom, self-contained, apartment living.

This program is open to all USC majors. Students must have a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0.

Additional Academic Requirements

  • COMM majors must have sophomore standing and have completed two Theoretical and Foundational courses at the time of application (one completed and one in progress).
  • JOUR majors must have junior standing and have completed JOUR 307 and JOUR 320 before the start of the program.
  • PR majors must have junior standing and have completed PR 351A before the start of the program.

Estimated Costs
Please see the detailed estimated program costs below for Spring 2020 as an example. Each semester Annenberg International Programs provides an up-to-date cost sheet to admitted students; if there are any changes from the time students are admitted to a program to the time they leave for a study abroad semester, updated cost sheets will be sent to the students. Please note that these costs are subject to change without notice:

• Tuition: $13,400 (Spring 2020 rate)
• USC Administrative Fee: $3,000
• Housing: $4,950
• Student Visa: $235
 USC Overseas Health Insurance*: $485
 Round Trip Airfare: $2,000
• Personal Expenses (food, entertainment, weekend travel, etc.): $4,000
• Additional Expenses (books and supplies, local transportation, international student identity card, US passport): $333
TOTAL: $28,405

Financial aid and tuition remission apply. TEAN offers several scholarships. Contact AIP for more information on financial aid and scholarships.

*USC Overseas Health Insurance is required on all USC-approved study abroad programs. If a student is already enrolled in USC (domestic) Health Insurance there will be no additional charge for USC Overseas Health Insurance; students will be charged the domestic, on-campus rate (noted above). If a student is normally covered otherwise and waives out of USC Health Insurance on campus, students will be charged USC Overseas Health Insurance at a rate of $97/month (2019-2020 rate).