Members of the Trojan Knights, a service and spirit organization at the University of Southern California, throw up a Fight On during the USC-UCLA football game in 2015.
USC Annenberg / Benjamin Dunn

Sports Media Studies

In a university with a unique historical relationship to sports media, this 24-unit minor examines the role of sports media in culture, how the presentation of sports in media has evolved, how is has been shaped by cultural issues and itself, and how it has impacted culture.

The minor in sports media studies serves student interest in understanding sports media, how it functions, how to interact effectively with it, and how it has been and may be used for social change. 

Requirements for admission are a minimum 3.0 GPA and completion of a minimum of 32 units (sophomore standing).

Required Core Courses: 
COMM 381     Issues in Contemporary Sport
COMM 383m  Sports, Communication and Culture

Electives (choose four classes from the following):
COMM 300     Foundations for the Study of Entertainment, Communication and Society
COMM 310     Media and Society 
COMM 363     Media Consumption
COMM 387     Sports and Social Change
COMM 444     Critical Theories of Sport
JOUR 380        Sports, Business and Media in Today’s Society
JOUR 432        Sports Commentary
MOR 479        The Business of Sports   
OT 333x          Sports Ethics