USC Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism students cool off as they await the awarding of 670 Communication degrees during the 2016 Communications graduation ceremony on May 13, 2016.
USC Annenberg / Brett Van Ort

Professional and Managerial Communication

This 24-unit minor is designed to complement your major field of study by providing the foundation of effective workplace communication skills.  Whether you are interested in managing people, resources or projects, the skills you will develop through this minor will prove invaluable.

Required Core Courses: 
COMM 320     Small Group and Team Communication 
COMM 375     Business and Professional Communication 
COMM 385     Survey of Organizational Communication

Electives (choose any three from the following): 
COMM 302     Persuasion 
COMM 304     Interpersonal Communication 
COMM 308     Communication and Conflict 
COMM 315     Health Communication 
COMM 321     Communication and Social Media
COMM 322     Argumentation and Advocacy 
COMM 324m  Intercultural Communication 
COMM 345     Social and Economic Implications of Communication Technologies 
COMM 388     Ethics in Human Communication 
COMM 431     Global Strategy for the Communications Industry 
COMM 486     Human and Technological Systems in Organizations 
COMM 487     Communication and Global Organizations