Media Economics and Entrepreneurship

In recognition of the dislocation and restructuring underway in contemporary media and information industries, this 24-unit minor introduces students to the microeconomics and trends of the sector and gives them an understanding of the role that entrepreneurship plays in the new economy. Students with professional media industry aspirations will learn basic economic literacy and discover the key factors that shape competition in information markets. Further, the minor fosters an entrepreneurial mindset in students and helps them to develop the entrepreneurial skills required to build successful careers and ventures in the media and information sector.

Required Courses
BAEP 450     Fundamentals of Entrepreneurship or
BAEP 451     The Management of New Enterprises
COMM 209  Communication and Media Economics

Electives (choose a total of 16 units from the following):
¨       One course (4 units) must be in BAEP: 

BAEP 452     Feasibility Analysis (prerequisite BAEP 450, BAEP 451 or BUAD 301)
BAEP 454     Venture Initiation: Launching and Scaling Your Startup (prerequisite BAEP 452)
BAEP 460     Seminar in Entrepreneurship
BAEP 470     The Entrepreneurial Mindset – Taking the Leap

¨       One to two courses (4-8 units) must be in COMM: 
COMM 306  Innovation, Entertainment, and the Arts
COMM 345  Social and Economic Implications of Communication Technologies
COMM 430  Global Entertainment
COMM 431  Global Strategy for the Communications Industry
COMM 432  American Media and Entertainment Industries
COMM 433  Home Entertainment
COMM 454  Media, Money, and Society

¨       One to two courses (4-8 units) must be in JOUR/PR:
JOUR 381     Entertainment, Business and Media in Today’s Society
JOUR 469     Money, Markets and Media
PR 429          Business and Economic Foundations of Public Relations (prerequisite PR 250)
PR 473          Emerging Media Strategies for Communication and Public Relations
PR 494          Transmedia, New Media and Strategic Communication

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