Culture, Media and Entertainment

This minor offers courses that examine the theory, social impact and economics of a range of creative, media, culture and entertainment industries. Through the lens of music, film, television, advertising, digital media, games, comics and fashion, students will learn strategies for analyzing popular culture and entertainment texts, mechanisms and platforms of content distribution, as well as the historical, social, cultural and political issues shaping these entertainment fields. Taking into account shifts and disruptions in contemporary media and entertainment, students will further examine consumption, audience engagement and participation that necessarily shape our individual and collective identities. These courses will highlight the production, consumption and meanings inscribed in entertainment media industries and products. Depending on the courses selected, the minor will prepare students for a variety of careers in and/or further critical scholarship about media and entertainment industries.

Required Core Courses (8 units)
COMM 300      Entertainment, Communication and Society
COMM 384      Interpreting Popular Culture

Choose 3 Electives (12 units) 
COMM 306      Innovation, Entertainment, and the Arts 
COMM 307      Sound Clash: Popular Music and American Culture 
COMM 310      Media and Society 
COMM 312      The Business and Culture of Celebrity
COMM 350      Video Games: Content, Industry, and Policy 
COMM 355      Advertising and Communication
COMM 360      The Rhetoric of Los Angeles
COMM 363      Media Consumption 
COMM 395m  Gender, Media and Communication
COMM 396      Fashion Media and Culture 
COMM 426      Religion, Media and Hollywood: Faith in TV 
COMM 430      Global Entertainment
COMM 432      American Media and Entertainment Industries 
COMM 433      Home Entertainment
COMM 440      Music as Communication
COMM 456      Entertainment, Marketing and Culture
COMM 457      Children and Media
COMM 458m  Race and Ethnicity in Entertainment and the Arts
COMM 465m  Gender in Media Industries and Products
COMM 498      Ethical Issues in Entertainment and Communication
CTCS 482          Transmedia Entertainment
JOUR 381         Entertainment, Business and Media in Today's Society
PR 452              Public Relations in Entertainment
PR 457              The Role of Celebrity in Public Relations
PR 494              Transmedia, New Media and Strategic Communication