Communication Technology Practices and Platforms

Students in this 20-unit minor trace the roots and dynamics of contemporary networked technologies and learn how to participate and excel within media cultures, online networks and organizational workplaces.

(This minor was formerly known as Interactive Media and the Culture of New Technologies) 

Required Core Classes: 
COMM 309     Communication and Technology 
COMM 339     Communication Technology and Culture 
COMM 340     The Cultures of New Media 

Electives (choose any two from the following): 
COMM 310     Media and Society 
COMM 321     Communication and Social Media
COMM 345     Social and Economic Implications of Communication Technologies 
COMM 350     Video Games: Content, Industry, and Policy 
COMM 422     Legal Issues and New Media 
COMM 431     Global Strategy for the Communication Industry 
COMM 449     Perspectives on the Networked Press 
COMM 465m  Gender in Media Industries and Products 
COMM 486     Human and Technological Systems in Organizations 
COMM 498     Ethical Issues in Entertainment and Communication 
CTIN   462       Critical Theory and Analysis of Videogames 
CTIN   463       Anatomy of a Game 
CTIN   488       Game Design Workshop