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Justice, Voice, and Advocacy

The 20-unit minor offers courses that prompt students to explore the central role communication, media, news, and public relations play in a multicultural society. As a cross-school minor, students will examine questions and perspectives on identity and community through an interdisciplinary lens that centers on theory and praxis, impact and change. The courses in this minor are grouped in order to give students a foundational understanding of the cultural roots and representations of identity, the practice of storytelling in the context of local and disenfranchised communities, as well as various institutional structures and policies that create barriers or avenues of social justice. Familiarity with these important issues serves students on a practical level by improving their ability to understand, anticipate and appreciate diverse viewpoints and audiences. The minor also helps students develop as more engaged, informed and empathetic citizens who are empowered to bring resolution and shared understanding to areas of conflict and difference in their own lives, the broader community, and the workplace. Communication majors must take 16 units outside of COMM and Journalism majors must take 16 units outside of JOUR. At least 16 units must be unique to the minor (e.g. not included in the major).

Required Core Courses (8 units): 
ASCJ 210    Contours of Change in Media and Communication (4 units)
COMM 366  Designing Media and Communication Projects for Social Change (4 units)

Elective Courses (12 units):
Choose 4 units from the following Culture and Identity electives:
COMM 307    Sound Clash: Popular Music and American Culture (4 units)
COMM 322    Argumentation and Advocacy (4 units)
COMM 324    Intercultural Communication (4 units)
COMM 360    The Rhetoric of Los Angeles (4 units)
COMM 392    Media and Migration in Times of European Crisis (4 units)
COMM 395    Gender, Media and Communication (4 units)
COMM 412    Communication and Social Movements (4 units)
COMM 414    Communication and Social Change in China (4 units)
COMM 415    African American Rhetoric and Image (4 units)
COMM 426    Religion, Media and Hollywood: Faith in TV (4 units)
COMM 450    Visual Culture and Communication (4 units)
COMM 451    Visual Communication and Social Change (4 units)
COMM 458    Race and Ethnicity in Entertainment and the Arts (4 units)
JOUR 465     Latino News Media in the United States (4 units)
JOUR 466     People of Color and the News Media (4 units)
JOUR 467     Gender and the News Media (4 units)
JOUR 468     The American Press and Issues of Sexual Diversity (4 units)
JOUR 484     American Religion, Foreign Policy and the News Media (4 units)

Choose 4 units from the following Community Storytelling electives:
COMM 367    Community Engagement and Service Learning (4 units)
JOUR 372     Engaging Diverse Communities in the Digital Era (4 units)
JOUR 470     Community Journalism (4 units)
PR 455          Public Relations for Non-Profit Organizations (4 units)

Choose 4 units from the following Institutions & Policy electives:
COMM 308    Communication and Conflict (4 units)
COMM 310    Media and Society (4 units)
COMM 385    Organizational Communication (4 units)
COMM 421    Legal Communication (4 units)
COMM 465    Gender in Media Industries and Products (4 units)
JOUR 460     Social Responsibility of the News Media (4 units)
JOUR 469     Money, Markets and Media (4 units) Workshop