Faculty Spotlight – Alison Trope

  Alison Trope

Name: Alison Trope

Hometown: Los Angeles

What are your hobbies? I love to hike and ski and go camping with my family and friends.

What classes do you teach at Annenberg? COMM 206; ASCJ 200; COMM 395; COMM 396; and less often COMM 366, COMM 465, COMM 433, COMM 450—mostly classes that deal with media and cultural studies. In the last couple years, I’ve also offered ASCJ students the opportunity to teach media literacy (viaThe Critical Media Project) to students in local high schools near USC’s campus.

How would you describe your Annenberg experience? Annenberg offers so many opportunities—in classes, events and programs, and amazing colleagues.

What is a moment you are most proud of? In Spring 2016, I was diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer. Even with chemotherapy treatments, I managed to keep teaching my full load of classes and co-chair the University’s Campus Climate Committee. While working through illness may not be an accomplishment in the traditional sense, it was definitely a challenge that I met, overcame, and was proud of.

What is an experience you think everyone should do at least once in their lives? There is not a single experience. I think it’s always good to push yourself. Pick something you know you’re not good at or you’re afraid of and try to push through.

What is your favorite television show/movie? I have a lot of favorite shows right now--many are British including Flea Bag, Happy Valley and The Fall, Orphan Black. I’m also a big Transparent fan. I loved Moonlight and also enjoyed 20th Century Women.

What advice do you have to give to Annenberg students? Try to get the most out of your college and Annenberg experience! Internships can be important, but you have plenty of time to get work experience over summers and after you graduate. Appreciate the time you have now to soak up as much as you can about different topics, voices, and perspectives.


-Michelle Lin